Need Advice: Looking to gain more experience in the health care field

  1. I am currently acquiring prerequisites at a CC so that I can get into the Nursing Program at Chamberlain College of Nursing. I have no experience or background in the health care field. I want to start getting some experience and learn more about first aid and patient care.

    I am currently trying to get into a hospital by working as a sitter. I need to take a bls course before I can work at a hospital.

    As someone pursuing a career in nursing, is it worth it to take a first responder course, instead a basic first aid bls course?

    Any advice from other students on what I can do to get more experience?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Does the school require previous experience in order to be admitted? If not, there is not need to do anything unless you really want to. Don't do anything that will decrease your ability to make top grades in your pre-requisites. "First responders" are not nurses - this is an entirely different type of career; this course would be beneficial if you are preparing for becoming an EMT or Paramedic.

    Your school should have informed you of this, but just in case they did not - please be aware that you will need a BSN to get a new grad job in a hospital in most cities these days.
  4. by   Brittastic
    I worked for almost 6 years as a Unit Coordinator at 2 different hospitals. Most large, and some smaller, hospitals staff this position. It is mostly clerical, answering phones and what not, but you are in the middle of the action, usually with a desk right in the middle of the nurses station. I learned SO MUCH from this job, and I loved it! Usually it doesn't require any previous school or work experience, its worth looking into! Also, you might look into admitting. Even though you will mostly just be dealing with insurance, its still a good job to get used to talking to patients and working in a hospital setting. Just browse through the job listings on your local hospital's web site, you might be surprised at how many non-clinical jobs are available.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Take the BLS course. That's probably what you will need for the nursing program so I would just go ahead and get that right off the bat.

    Some positions for UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) require you to be a CNA or require you to be in a nursing program, but every hospital is different. You can look into becoming a HUC (health unit secretary). You'll get some exposure to the medical field and they do learn a lot! Where I work, HUCs will sometimes work as sitters. Otherwise, most sitters are aides, but they aren't necessarily certified.