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Note-this is one of my previous posts, but i took a look at it and did some extensive editing as well as added to it. I hope it is alittle more clear, my point that is I remember my first day of A&P, and what a nerve-wracking... Read More

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    Quote from momtojosh
    did a & p for dummies help? i SO need help...havent had bio since 1979 and i am lost...

    Does your book have a companion website? Also, if you check the sticky for "A&P from my brain to yours"... there are some great websites that will help you. My philosophy for A&P 1 and 2 was much like the original poster in 2010. When you think you have studied enough... study some more! Must have worked because I got high A's in both classes. I've used the same philosophy for ALL my pre-reqs/co-reqs and I'm finishing my last now... Nutrition.
    I had not taken a biology class since 1976.

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    I felt the same way about A&P back when I did my pre-reqs. Now that I am ready to graduate, I am surprised to realize that it is academic child's play compared to the actual nursing program. At least in my school, we all talk about how worried we were about A&P and how easy it seems now compared to your core nursing classes
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    I was terrifed about A&P before I took it. Turns out, it was my all time favorite class and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Mircobiology was the same way. Chemistry on the other hand.....I'm taking it now and I have every reason to be scared :-)
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    The 'for dummies' book is helping me because it is written very simply and is easy to follow. I haven't seen the inside of a classroom in years so wanted to feel prepared. I also picked up a basic algebra review book by
    Dannika Keller (sp? Sorry it's not in front of me) the girl from The Wonder Years. I read years ago she wrote math books aimed at young girls. It was a great review and I felt more confident. Also iPhone has some great flashcard apps, some are even free.
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    Thanks for the amazing tips.. I missed the first lecture and lab I'm about to Ttend lab right now and have the pre jitter bigs as some may call due to the fax that I too felt guilty for missing a class. Needless to say that won't be happening again it was a single circumstance that was out of my reach. This text was a wake up call for me and violently shook my membrane to realize that my anatomy class will be grueling along with my physiology class. thankyou for helping me realize what needs go be sacrificed in order to achieve a good grade in the class. You have been stating the obvious but it needs to resonate in our brains. I hope they sticky this thread
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    Floridatrail2006, THANK YOU so so so much for this helpful post. I am taking A&P I and II in the summer and have heard nothing but horror stories about them. Your post helped me a lot
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    I love this!!! I could not have said it better myself! I do, in fact, dream of A&P. Right now, I am currently dreaming of muscles. My note cards go everywhere with me along with my book if I think I can get some time in. I stay late in class because that time with my teacher is pricessless! My friends have stopped calling to see if I can take the kids to the park since my answer is normally that I cannot since I am studying and I will take the kids when I to a point where my notecards will work. But, like you, I find this class facinating and I actually enjoy studying. I am always amazed by the student who leave when lab time starts and make comments that they can just "study from the book." There is no way that a beautifully drawn picture where everything is labeled can compared to a 3-D model of the leg with all the muscles. I am proud that my last study guide took me probably over eight hours to complete! My teacher is nice enough to give us a test study guide, so why not make the most out of it. I love being in class and all the work it takes, but I would not have it any other way!
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    I will be taking A&P I during Fall 2012, so thank you so much for this! I plan on studying exclusively this coming summer.
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    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! thanks for your insight!
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    Thank you I'm glad folks still read this.

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