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My current problem

  1. 0 So I have been going back and forth about becoming a nurse. Reason why I don't want to go for something and fail in the end which will be waste of time and financial aid that could of been for something else. But my other issue is that am bad in math and science but I have the drive to become a nurse I have no shame to go to a tutor and put the time to make sure I get an A in my classes. So will my drive and passion be good enough up get me through it or should look for another major ?????
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    You already answered your own question. You have the drive, you ready to go see a tutor and have no shame. There is no shame seeing any tutor to make you a better student in a course. You will be fine. Everybody is not good in maths, but as long as you know your weakness now and work on it, then it will work out for you. Don't let that hold you back from accomplishing your dream. You got the heart and the desire, and that will take you a long way. Good luck, you will do just fine
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    If you go in thinking you might fail, you're probably going to fail. When I was taking my first college science class (biology), I did poorly on my first exam and told my teacher that I was thinking of dropping the course - science "wasn't for me". She encouraged me to stay, so I decided to work my butt off...and ended up with an A! I always thought that I was "bad" at math and science because I hated those classes in high school. Having the drive and passion to be a nurse changed that - they are now my strongest subjects! Your past doesn't dictate your future unless you let it. If you truly WANT to learn something, you will! Its never a waste of time to try something new. Good luck - you'll do fine!
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    Thank you guys am ready to take the Challenge and step up to the plate also thank u for your Encouraging words. As long as I put in the hard work and have faith I will an awesome nurse 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
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    Nothing tried; nothing done
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    As long as you are really sure you want to be a nurse then go for it. Nursing is NOT for the faint hearted. I am a third year student and I am absolutely exhausted. All the brains in the world will not get you through unless you really want it. So go get it girl!
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    Get it girl. A&P is hard! Just make time for a lot of studying. Do it at least 3 times a week or more, and if you don't understand something ask a teacher, a class mate, or your tutor. And if they have open lab go more than once a week. It's a lot of information! REMEMBER spelling counts, so write words repeatedly.
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    always try. if you dont, you will regret it.
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    In short, no your drive and passion will not be enough to be a nurse. Hard work, dedication and hours of studying while everyone around you gets to go do fun stuff thus making high grades will be enough. Let me say that I don't think anyone has to be super smart to be a nurse or really any career but just be willing to work hard and study' smart.
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    That's kind of the point...a person with drive will be dedicated to putting in the long hours of study and hard work. When a person is passionate - it's usually because they care so much about something (nursing school), that nothing else is quite as important (everything else). So, yes, I think it's enough - if the person understands what they are getting into and are not acting on a whim or a daydream. It does consume your WHOLE life - no time for fun!