Mira Costa Palomar spring 2018 ADN program - page 16

Hey there! I am creating this thread for all applicants to Mira Costa and Palomar for the Spring 2018 semester. Hopefully we can cheer each other on and take some of the waiting anxiety away... Read More

  1. by   josiahtorres
    Yo, I am a high school senior and I am planing on attending either Mira Costa or Palomar to start my gen ed and I am hoping to eventually get accepted into one of their nursing programs. Does anyone have any advice for the first couple years of college to help prepare myself for the nursing program? thanks so much! its so sick to see a community of people here that are so passionate about nursing! I'm glad I found this thread
  2. by   nelsonmeg77
    Your first 4-5 weeks in 1st semester are mostly Monday through Friday and then it goes down to 2 days in class and 1 day clinical. Second semester, the first 3 weeks are Monday to Friday and then down to 2 days in class and 1 day clinical. Not sure about 3rd and 4th because I'm in second