Microbiology Summer 2013

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    Hi is there anyone else taking this class during the summer semester also?

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    I am! I will be taking it Tuesdays & Thursdays for 8 weeks. (2.5 hour lecture followed by a half-hour break and then a 2.5 hour lab.) Anyone have any tips or ideas to share about this subject?
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    (Hand raised) me! My class is 6 weeks. I am nervous and excited. Doesn't start until 7/8
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    My class is for 8 weeks. I start next Monday. This is the only class that i will be taking this summer
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    I am not crazy about cramming in a science over the summer, but I want to get it done. It's my last pre-requisite before starting the nursing program in the fall.
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    I did Microbiology including the lab portion over a 5 week summer session. I had class 5 days per week, and I actually enjoyed the fact that it went by so quickly. It forced me to study daily, and I retained the information from day to day easier. I ended up with an A+.

    If you have to do a science class during the summer, I think Microbiology is one of the better choices. While it is a science, it is the most fun class I have ever taken. Most other people enjoy it as well.

    Good luck!
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    I'm taking Microbiology and Developmental Psychology both 8 week online courses.
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    Im doing it this summer in an 8 week session. All online except.3 labs on campus. You can do it
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    I'm taking Micro this summer. Ten week summer session. Class starts on May 20th.
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    I'm taking micro over a 5 week session starting may 28.

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