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  1. So I have this hw assignment that needs to be completed, but I am confused as to how this is supposed to be done. Can someone better explain this to me so I can complete it. Thank you

    For each term below, write the number corresponding to the type of 2nd line defense. Some defenses may be used more than once.

    effects hypothalamus natural killer lymphocytes
    monocytes triggers inflammation
    ingestion antiviral proteins
    PAMPs diapedesis
    chemotaxis platelets
    chronic can cause disease reduces iron
    phagosome maturation pyrogen
    Membrane Attack Complexes granulocytes
    forms pus before repair of tissue TLRs and NODs
    vasodilation includes edema and pain
    Classical pathway

    • Blood components
    • Phagocytosis
    • Nonspecific Chemicals
    • Interferons
    • Complement
    • Inflammation
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    We are not supposed to directly answer homework questions on this site.
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    You need to look at the bottom terms and match them with the top descriptions.

    For example...What effects hypothalamus natural killer lymphocytes?

    What monocytes triggers inflammation?

    Look at that micro/immune system reference from cnoto it is VERY good!!!! Your answers are there but yes...we won't answer the work for you...tell us what you think and we will jump in and help.
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    Thanks everyone. I never came across that website when looking up the terms. I will be able to compsre what i have already accomplished while using this website