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I have been studying for about two months now. I take my test on Sunday!FREAAAAKINNNGGG OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the PDF file for the Mcgraw Hill and read every single page, along with the ATI. The McGraw hill is WAY more... Read More

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    I am taking the TEAS in a couple weeks and would like any info that will help. Did the Mcgraw Hill PDF help, or do you recommend other sources?
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    Quote from Jmsica
    I took the TEAS in October. It was awful. I was given like 5-7 science questions that i had ever learned from my pre-reqs. But the Math was really easy, it was weird. I studied from the TEAS V book, which was helpful if you use the time wisely! Im a straight A student and got just passable grades on the TEAS test, so hopefully they take you GPA in higher consideration.
    Just out of curiosity, what questions were on the TEAS that weren't covered in your pre-reqs?

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