Low gpa and a bachelor's degree

  1. Hi everybody! I just graduated from University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in Romance Languages. I'm interested in going to nursing school in Georgia, but my gpa isn't very high. I took all the prerequisites for nursing school and volunteered in a hospital. Is there anything else I can do to make myself a better candidate for nursing school? Do nursing schools look at extracurricular activities a lot? Help please! Thank you..
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  3. by   Darkstar1485
    What is your undergrad GPA and pre req GPA?
  4. by   zoe92
    Some schools ask for your resume and a list of awards/activities you have received or taken part in over the last x number of years. Schools is your area might also require an entrance exam like the TEAs or HESI. But if your GPA is low then maybe retake a couple classes? Because GPA is always a big factor.
  5. by   Pleasepickme
    My gap is 2.7
  6. by   BloomNurseRN
    You do have options but honestly, it won't be easy depending on what you choose to do. You could go a community college route (ASN) that would only look at a few pre-req's and an entrance test score (that's how mine works). Then you could just retake those pre-req's if you already took them and didn't score an A previously. If you want to go for a BSN I would recommend again retaking classes you did not do well in to raise your GPA, as well as doing excellently on any new pre-req's you have to take for nursing. It may not be easy but if you want to make it happen, it will be worth it.
  7. by   allycat77
    I am kind of in the same boat, low GPA first time around, but now I have like a 3.65 or so in my pre-reqs. How were your grades in these? If they are pretty good, you might be able to find a school that weighs these more heavily. A school that I am applying to only counts your last 45 credits for their ABSN program, plus, weighs your pre-reqs more heavily. The lowest GPA they took last semester was a 3.5 I think, but again the scale is different. There might be a program like this for you as well. Also, if you didn't do too well in your pre-reqs, you can often re-take them and use a forgiveness policy if your school offers it. Check out prospective schools' nursing pages for their admissions pre-reqs, and maybe visit or call a program adviser. They will be honest with you.
    Like someone else mentioned you can definitely go the route of getting your ADN first, then getting a BSN down the road, or maybe find a program that will run con-currently. Good luck!