Life Span Psychology in a short Winter semester

  1. 0 Hi all:

    Life Span psychology is one of my outstanding prerequisites for the accelerated BSN programs. I found an online class in a (very) short winter semester in a local community college. The semester is only 2.5 weeks long and I work 30 hours/week.

    I realize that this is not a science course and I did take both A&P I and II during short summer semesters and did very well, but 2.5 weeks are getting me concerned.

    I am wondering if anybody has done this and whether it is doable?

    Thank you!
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    I did lifespan over a winter intersession that was online -- was 3.5 weeks, but since I had a ski vacation planned around new years, I completed it in a little over 2 weeks... was very doable.... we did have a proctored final at the end.
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    You should be fine, as long as you can dedicate 10-12 hours a week to it. It's not difficult but there is a lot of reading.

    Schools only offer fairly easy classes at intercession. I did Lifespan Psychology (it's called Developmental Psychology at my school) as an online summer class and it wasn't bad, think I could have done it as a fast track and still gotten an A. I work about 50 hrs. a week and have a family.
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    Wow, thank you, guys. This is so helpful! Appreciate it.
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    I worked full time and did a 3.5 wk course for lifespan. Its doable. Just be prepared to read every single day. You can do this!
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    Thank you, carefulcare! I am prepared! Have been reading/doing homework every day for the last (almost) year, so I am ready

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