Kaplan or Netters flash cards for a&p 1?

  1. 0 I'll be taking a&p 1 this upcoming spring semester. I'm confused on which one to buy. It seems that the Netters flash cards are more for students studying for their doctorates but I could be completely wrong. Which one is more suitable for a&p 1 and 2?
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    I have the Kaplan ones and used them when I took A&P I and they worked wonderfully. They're broken down and seperated by body system and are organized well. I recommend those, but haven't used Netter's cards to compare the two.
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    The Kaplan ones are great. I see a lot of med students using netters, so it may be more info than you need. I haven't tried them personally.
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    I have the Netter's and they were great. They did contain more info that I needed in my class, though. Also I haven't seen the Kaplan to compare. Sounds like they are both ok so I'd pick the less expensive!

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