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Just got Accepted

  1. 5 Eeee! I am so excited. I just got my acceptance letter for the Spring 2014 ADN program yesterday evening. Really happy and relieved at this point.
    Good Luck to everyone waiting to hear back.
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    WHOO HOO! So happy for you!
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    Congratulations!! What school did you get into?
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    Did you do a happy feet dance to go with that? LOL Congrats
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    Thank you ,thank you everyone! I got into Waketech's ADN program. Any of you guys also got in that program by any chance?
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    Congratulations! Best of luck
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    I also was also accepted to Wake Tech's program for spring!! We will be classmates!
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    Yay congrats! That's really exciting

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    Kiersten ?? Is that you from A&P I and II classes?
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    Congratulations and good luck on your journey.
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    Yes it is. Who is this?