Just accepted! Fall 2012

  1. I was just accepted into the Monroe College of Nursing program in NYC. It is a challenging program to get accepted to, just 25 students each semester. I had a TEAS V score of 90 and a poor college GPA, but I was able to still get in. I have to thank this forum for all the great info and motivation. I will be lurking and posting for YEARS to come. Thanks and good luck to the Pre Nursing students.

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    Congrats! I have been accepted to a program for this coming fall as well and cant wait to start.
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    Congrats!! You have motivated me! I have a 3.3 gpa so maybe I'll still be able to get in!
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    Congratulations on the acceptance into such a challenging program, though I think every program in nursing is challenging! I hope to hear more from you as you enbark on such an amazing journey!

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    hi, im interested in the rn program at monroe college can you tell me more about this school. i would like to apply before the deadline of june 15. i took my teas already and im not sure if i did good. you can pm me [color=#ee82ee]spee2000.[color=#ee82ee]
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    Congratulations!!!! I was also accepted to my schools program for this fall.
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    Congrats! I too was accepted into the Nursing Program for Fall 2012. It has taken me 2 years to get this point. I already have a Bachelor's Degree in another discipline but wanted to change careers. In 2010 I went to NYC Tech in Brooklyn and met with a Nursing Advisor. At first, no one seem to know what to tell me. I already had a Bachelor's Degree but no one was definite about which pre-req's I had to take. The lack of knowledge and ignorance totally turned me off from CUNY. I ended up taking a Math Course that was not a required class but did so just to see how well I would do. I ended up getting an A and eventually abandoned my dreams of becoming a Nurse until... I decided to to a search for schools in the Bronx.

    I came across the Monroe College website. I did not seem like a legitimate school at first glance but I decided to go to a Nursing School Information Session. Upon arrival, I was impressed. It was a well-run and informed meeting. I decided to sit down with an adviser later that week. After expressing my interest for the Nursing Program with a Academic Advisor, my transcript was reviewed and I was told what specific class/es I would need. Luckily all I need to take was Human Biology with Lab. There were so many classes times available that I was able to register for my class and still attend work. I developed a great relationship with my professor and she provided an awesome recommendation letter for the Nursing Application.

    After completing the application, submitting transcript information & Essay, passing my pre-req's, I was called in for an interview. I was the first student to interview for Fall 2012 and I was accepted! Good Luck to those who are starting the process and feel free to pick my brain with questions!
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    Congrats!!! If you can...pm me, I have a question
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    Congratulations! Good Luck!!!