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Just accepted! Fall 2012 - page 2

I was just accepted into the Monroe College of Nursing program in NYC. It is a challenging program to get accepted to, just 25 students each semester. I had a TEAS V score of 90 and a poor college... Read More

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    How exciting! Congratulations!! Not to be a downer, but I keep hearing that the easy part is getting in. Make sure you stay focused and you will have a rewarding experience =) Enjoy!!
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    How has the Monroe College program been for you?
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    Awesome!!!! CONGRADS! Well-Done!
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    Hi, I'm a new member on this site. First off, congratulations on your acceptance (I'm a bit late!). I am also applying to Monroe, and I was wondering if you can share what the interview process was like? How long is it? Is it formal? What kinds of questions can I expect? I'd appreciate your reply so much!