Is it possible to get a job as a CNA at the age of 17?

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    I'm 17 and will complete a CNA certification program in February. Will I be able to get a job then, or will I have to wait until I'm 18 in June?

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    I was 17 when I started
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    It might depend on your city and state. I was able to become an CNA at the age of 16 where I live.
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    It may depend on the state. I'm in Mississippi and my old high school had a program for anyone interested, so if you're state is like mine then yes
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    Check with your state employment department or call any employer. I was able to get my first CNA job at 16 in my state.
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    I'd check with your state or local Department of Labor. From what I've seen it varies from state to state. They'll be able to give you the correct answer depending on where you reside! I've noticed some states allow you to work as a CNA as early as 16 years of age, while it seems that in a great amount of states they want you to be of the age 18 or older. Good luck!

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