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I am starting the prerequisites in the summer and fall. Required is Chemistry and algebra. Algebra not being a strong subject for me. I am also taking anatomy and physiology I&II. I in the... Read More

  1. by   CDEWannaBe
    I'd recommend looking over Algebra for Dummies and Chemistry for Dummies (check them out from your local library) before you take each class. Helps to learn the concepts in a different way. Make sure you have a good professor too.

    Put the time in on the classes. I did Chem in the summer and spent about 30hrs. a week doing classwork and homework... and I'm a fairly quick study. Do all of the assignments. Also, there are booklets that often come with the Chemistry textbook called Mathmatics for Chemistry that taught a bunch of helpful tricks.
  2. by   NurseLCoop
    chemistry was difficult for me and I had a background of chemistry from high school. I ended up with a C in high school and a C in college. But the college material was more difficult, while the chemistry in high school had MORE material. One thing I did, (which I advise you not to do) is take anatomy&p at the same time as chemistry. Its the WORSE thing you can do. My chem was a 5credit course, I had to dedicate alot of my time to the class. Anatomy&P is going to also require alot of dedication which is why they often say NEVER take the two together. It's possible, just not smart. lol
  3. by   BJR87
    it depends where you take it. I took chemistry at rutgers, and alot of people are known to fail the class, because their program is very difficult. My recommendation to you is to def not take bio and chem together because I tried that and as soon as the bio test came around, I didn't have time to study for chem and I fell behind, which is when it all went downhill. I managed to pass the class but barely. You def need to focus if the program is difficult. However, I took another chem class at the community college and found it very easy. I also got an A in chem in high school so I wasn't necessarily bad at it, I just fell behind and with chem everything builds on top of each other so those who fall behind rarely catch up, especially at rutgers' program. I suggest you look into the college's program and get other peoples feedback on the chemistry courses.
  4. by   Jfarmboy
    For me it is going to be hard not to take A&P with chemistry.
    I will have A&P I with algebra and A&P II with chemistry.
  5. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    Only experience I have with Chemistry is highschool Chemistry, which was eons ago. I'm very thankful my nursing program does not require it, but it is required for my BSN.