I'm So Lost Trying to Schedule Classes

  1. I am trying to get my schedule sorted out here and it's just a mess.

    I am applying next semester for the ADN program for fall admission. There are a total of 34 credit hours worth of pre-reqs and co-reqs that must be completed, however admission is based off the GPA of 5 specific pre-reqs: General Psych, English Comp I, A&P I, College Algebra, and Art Elective. The rest can be completed anytime before graduation during the nursing program, though most students have most completed by the time they start the program.

    The entire list of required pre-reqs/co-reqs is, College Algebra, General Statistics, English Comp I & II, A&P I & II, General Psych, Developmental Psych, Art elective, Humanities Elective, and Microbiology.

    For fall semester, I completed general psych, english comp I, and my art elective with straight A's, along with intermediate algebra that I had to do before I could get into college algebra.

    I took A&P I and Microbiology previously in another nursing program I was enrolled in, and received an A. This college didn't accept the credits, so I must re-take them. So for spring, I have scheduled College Algebra, English Comp II, Biomedical Ethics (humanities elective), Developmental Psych, and A&P I.

    I planned to take A&P II in the summer, and would only be left with Statistics and Microbiology to finish once in the program (if accepted). Here's the problem. I tested out of General Biology and Lab with my ACT score, which was a pre-req for A&P I. Had I not tested out, I wouldn't have been able to apply next semester for admission, and would've been put a year behind (they only take application once a year, in the spring). So I got lucky.

    However, General Bio is a pre-req for Microbiology. I was told by an advisor, just take General Bio alongside A&P I or A&P II, it didn't matter, but to just try and get it all done to have Micro out the way before starting the nursing program because trying to focus on Micro and all the nursing classes would be too much.

    So I considered making my Spring schedule look like this. Keep in mind, i don't work (I did during fall semester, but quit to focus on school), I'm not married, no kids, and live at home while I finish nursing school with the gracious support of my parents, so I'm blessed to have all the time in the world to study.

    College Algebra
    English Comp II
    Developmental Psych
    Biomedical Ethics
    A & P I
    General Biology for Science Majors
    General Biology Lab (only 1x a week)

    It's really only 6 classes, not 7, since lab is only once a week and worth 1 credit hour. But, it's still a LOT. But my thinking was, I could then take A&P 2 and Microbiology together in the summer, and once in the nursing program, only have statistics left to take, and no hard sciences. I've been in a nursing program, I know how difficult and time consuming the nursing classes are, so I'm trying to get in there with as little co-reqs left to take as possible.

    Thoughts (besides wow that's a lot! lol) from anyone that has tackled a very heavy schedule? I could realistically drop the humanities (biomedical ethics) and take it once in the program, since most humanities courses are extremely easy.
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  3. by   queserasera
    My heaviest semester was Chem I, College Alg, Spanish II, English and Sociology. I got all A's. I didn't have a life, but I got all A's
  4. by   x_factor
    My thinking is, I could just take General Bio during the summer with A&P II, and then just take Microbiology during the fall with all the nursing classes. But I think that would be even harder because nursing classes are incredibly time-consuming as it is, without Microbiology being thrown in. I could also take away Humanities (Biomedical Ethics) and just take it during the nursing program, since most humanities are fairly easy.

    Realistically the schedule isn't extremely difficult (pssh... I'm saying that right now... lol). I'm taking the same two teachers I took for my first english and first psych, and both are incredibly (ridicuously) easy. So really my only major focus would be College Algebra, A&P I and General Bio with my 1x a week lab.

    Ugh, I just don't know.
  5. by   zoe92
    If you need more time to complete the pre reqs, then take it. I was in a similar situation. I wanted to apply for spring 2013 admission. This meant I had to take chemistry & a & p 1 together this past summer for 8 weeks. I did so, and it had horrible consequences. I passed chemistry but did not get a good grade in a & p, meaning that not only did I have to retake it but I also had to push back applying until now for fall 2013. I have a great GPA now (courtesy of my new and improved a & p grade), but it still sucks knowing I wasted time and money. I wish I had just originally planned to spread my pre reqs out anyways. I am not saying this will be your case, but think long and hard before you decide to take those many course together. Good luck!
  6. by   x_factor
    Thanks Zoe, I appreciate the feedback and you are absolutely right. I've been thinking long and hard about it, and will continue to do so before making my decision. I definitely do not want my grades to suffer as a consequence of taking on too much at one time.
  7. by   brenay
    I say take out the Developmental Pyschology. That class is extremely easy so you can handle that later on. Take out another one too. I just don't want you to overload & shut down.
  8. by   Exhaustipated
    I took A&P during the shortened summer semester and I cannot imagine successfully taking it with Microbiology. I'm sure it's been done, but I can honestly say it's not something I would consider attempting. In fact, my instructor questioned the sanity of many of us who admitted to taking an additional class for financial aid purposes.

    On the other hand, I know many people who have successfully taken those same 2 sciences together during a regular fall or spring semester. Again, not something I would have attempted.

    Everybody is different, and only you know what you are capable of. I spread my pre- and co- reqs out so I only needed to take one science per semester and they would all be completed when I entered my program. That was my preference. My suggestion is to do what you feel most comfortable doing and will yield the most favorable results.