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Hello! Today I sat down and thought about how glad I am to be pursuing my dream, but with all the happy ones came a few negative thoughts. I've picked up a few RN-NCLEX review books and... Read More

  1. by   Anoetos
    Yes, I just wanted to chime back in to say that I am pretty sure no one was meaning to be critical of the OP, it's something we've all done; allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by how far we still have to go. It's a lot of work, a lot of hard work, but it doesn't all have to be done today, or even this week, or even in a single semester.

    So many people do this, it is doable, now, let's go do it!

    let the adventure begin!
  2. by   frecklednursingpupil
    I am right there with you! This summer (via online course) I am taking my first step towards completing my prerequisites to get into nursing school, and I get these moments of extreme anxiety. It isn't looking at the RN-NCLEX exam book (I think that would be self torture because I don't know one single thing about nursing, yet!) , but it is thinking about all the things I have to do, getting my CNA taking AP 1 and 2, biology's, etc. etc. It all starts to build up, so I count to ten and breathe and remember that things take time and patience. Just taking one day at a time and focusing on what I am doing that day (my online English class, for example, and in the future my science and math courses) helps me to calm down. There are some serious times when I just say to myself "What if I am not cut out for this?!" , but I try to remember that with patience and hard work anything can be accomplished (cliche I know, but it is true!).
    Once you begin this fall, I think that the pressure and anxiety you are feeling will simmer down. Just remember that it is one step at a time, like climbing a ladder. It will happen --I am sure of it because I see all the nurses on this site, getting through school is possible or there would be no nurses!--, just hang in there. I am glad that I am not the only one who has worries of self doubt; just pick up your head and walk with the confidence that we are all there with you going through the same thing; you are not alone.
  3. by   amara827
    I dont feel like anyone is being critical
    I really appreciate all the answers! Im just glad to know im not the only person that feels this way,
    but then again I should have known that

    Thank you all!
    I love this site, I finally have people who understand lol

    Now does anyone have study tips????
  4. by   Anoetos
    I am a big fan and proponent of 3x5 cards. I make a LOT of them (the stack I have for Micro is about 8 inches thick), making them is studying and then using them is studying too.

    I use the three pile method:

    1. The information I know really well,

    2. The information I know pretty well but could use to drill more on, and

    3. The information I don't know, or don't have a good grasp of, or need to widen my grasp of.

    As I gain confidence in group 2 I move the cards to group 1, and, correspondingly, as I gain confidence in group 3, I move them to group 2 and so on, and I review them all periodically to confirm.

    I make my own cards for a couple reasons:

    1. I know that I am learning what the instructor wants me to learn, and

    2. The very act of writing the cards is a study experience, I am using the language centers of my brain to relay necessary information, this is the first step in repetition and repetition is the mother of memorization.

    This has worked really well for me, I continue to trend a 4.0 over all. it works well for general science lectures but not for math and probably won't work for procedure classes like nursing labs. But any time I need to digest information and keep hold of it, this method works really really well.

    Also, use your school's tutoring if you need it.

    Make study-buddies, and study/review regularly with them.

    Don't miss class. You know the saying: "If you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late, and if you're late, you're fired" well it sort of applies here except that in school, if you're consistently late or absent, you're probably not going to get a good grade and you certainly will not get the Instructor's benefit of the doubt (and every prof has that for the students who show their respect by showing up on time, every time).

    If I can think of other stuff I'll let you know.
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  5. by   amara827
    Anoetos thank you so much that sounds like a great method. At least my 3000+ set of variously colored 3X5 index cards will go to great use!! Thank you again yeah:

    EDIT: so sorry for all those typos lol I havent ate all day but alas, my taco bell nachos have arrived!!!
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  6. by   Snozbery26
    I agree with the notecard method. I need to take stock out in notecards myself lol! I go through alot of them