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Hi everyone! So I am a college graduate who just got a bachelor's degree in Biology. I am highly interested in going into nursing and hope to be a nurse practitioner someday. I really want to go... Read More

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    Suggestion to the OP - take a look at PA programs. Since PA's (by definition and scope of licensure) always work under the direct supervision of a physician, it is much easier for a new grad with no experience to actually get a job.

    Hiring managers are avoiding entry-level MSNs in my area of the country. They are just not a good fit for any type of existing position. Majority of clinical jobs are geared toward ADN/BSNs. Administrative & non-clinical jobs require MSNs, but candidates have to have a fairly extensive clinical background to function in those roles. Nurse managers MUST have clinical expertise (required by accreditation & licensing entities). It would be a real shame to spend mega-bucks & then discover that no one will hire you . . . just sayin'

    On AN, there seems to be an increasing stream of posters looking for shortcuts to the end of the Advanced Practice Nursing Rainbow & pots of gold that are found there. Anyone who is going down this route cannot possibly have a clear idea of the actual work involved, expertise needed or the levels of individual accountability that characterize these types of nursing jobs.

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