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Holy cow, but I just got my acceptance offer on my mypennstate portal! I'm so darn excited!! I never thought i'd get in as a transfer student, because admissions basically told me I was the last to... Read More

  1. by   SopranoKris
  2. by   Nurse2b7337
  3. by   nvitkuske
    I also got accepted for Fall 2013 PSU Altoona's Second degree nursing program! I'm looking to meet more people in the program before moving there and possibly finding some roommates to live with!
  4. by   jennyy
    Congrats to you guys! Do you mind if I ask what your overall & prereq GPA was? I'm interested in applying to PSU for their nursing program as well!
  5. by   mmw90
    Thanks Jennyy! My overall and pre-req GPA were both a 4.0. Are you a transfer student or already a PSU student? I was a transfer student and was basically told that transfer students are the last in line to be given slots into the program, so I was super nervous, but I guess it isn't impossible after all! Are you thinking about applying for the fall of 2014?