I want to work in a Doctor's office

  1. I was wondering what would be the best career path for me. I currently work as a Medical Administrative Assistant in a Radiology Department at a hospital. I would like to be able to work in a doctor's office where I could bring patients to their rooms, take vitals, chart symptoms. Should I just start out with a CNA? I was interested in going to Nursing School, but I am not sure if I want to work in a hopsital setting. I am so confused! I have heard how difficult nursing school can be. I need to work so I was going to take night classes until I got to the Nursing Core Classes. Does anyone know what classes are the hardest? I was thinking if I could get past the biologies I would be good, are the Fundementals of Nursing Courses equally difficult or more difficult then the A&P and Mirco biology? PLEASE HELP!
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  3. by   srobb11
    You may want to look into a Medical Assistant program if they are offered in your area. Based on what you've listed as your interests, it seems you can save yourself time and money by pursuing medical assisting instead of nursing at this stage. Some states are different in what they will allow a medical assistant to do, so do some research first, but a lot of states allow medical assistants to chart symptoms and record vitals.
  4. by   Grow_a_Soul
    I concur. The job you are describing is actually a medical assistant and a good one makes the day go so much smoother.
  5. by   Justanotherday
    The "nurses" at our pediatrician's office are medical assistants.
  6. by   Preemie 2 RN
    Yes medical assistant is the way you want to go. I went through medical assistant school and now I'm working towards nursing school. It's a good place to start to get some experience Good luck!