I might fail A&P 1, I'm really ashamed. What should I do?

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    Hello all,

    I am a 20 year old pre-Nursing student currently taking my prerequisites. The only college classes I have completed so far are basic courses such as English, Math, and Psychology. In those classes I made A's and B's.This semester I took Anatomy and Physiology 1 and I was SO excited about it. Even before enrolling in the class, I had been on allnurses.com for awhile and was reading a lot about Nursing and getting advice from RNs. I felt prepared for the class. However I could never figure out a best way to study, or a best time or place to study. It's hard for me to study at home. I DO read and highlight key points in the chapter, and I label and color pictures and review online resources provided by the textbook. Yet I still have not made a higher grade than a C+

    At this point, there is 1 more lecture and 1 more lab exam, and then the final. Our professor said he would drop the lowest lab exam grade, and he would replace the final grade with our lowest lecture exam grade, so I'm HOPING that will help me pass.

    I am slightly proud of myself though because over half of the original class withdrew from the class, I am in the remainder. And the class average is still a 68.
    Anyways, my question is...What can I do in these last 3 weeks to get A's on these last tests? Should I change the way I study?

    Thanks :heartbeat

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    Yes u should the way u study. I am currently taking A&P2 and my grade so far is an A. The way I study is to read the chapters over and over again as many times as I can before the test. I am currently studying for an A&P 2 on tuesday. I hope I have help u and good luck.
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    SO much depends on the teacher. I Aced A&P 1, then took 2 with a different teacher and got a D and had to re-take it (with the same I took 1 with and got an A ).

    Check www.ratemyprofessor.com before signing up for a class to see what other students are saying about each teacher. Some teachers it doesn't matter how much you study, they are unbelievable what they expect out of first year students.

    To get into the Nursing Program at my school you need at least 3.5 gpa, so I am glad I got a D and had to retake it because with a C I would not be able to get in. Did it suck to take it again, yes. Was it worth it so I would be assured a spot in the program, absolutely.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with Brande the big factor is who your teacher is. I for one had a wonderful teacher, however he tests were sticklers and set up much like that of a nursing test is. alot of critical thinking. I don't know what your professors teaching style is. I found what helped me was to always recopy my notes. I write messing in class trying to write faster so when I get home I have a note book where I transfer all the days notes over to. The more I write or see something the more its etched into my memory. I also label pictures over and over when I know something is going to be on a test. Is there one particular chapter that your having issues in? Perhaps I could help.
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    Dont feel ashamed. normally A and P is one of the first classes people take after their intial classes. its a whole new ball game as is how the nursing program is. In my last Anatomy class we started wtih 30 people by finals we had 5!. Hang in there you can do this!!!!
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    Don't feel down about this. A&P is a tough course to ace. I'm currently in the class myself and have been struggling to keep myself at a B. I know many fellow students who have to take it over again next semester. My advice is to change the way you study. If you haven't tried, maybe you could purchase some index cards and write down terms and functions on them.

    The way I study for A&P is broad. It's the only way I seem to take in and retain the material for long term. I use index cards, coloring books, self-made outlines, and I highlight my text book like no tomorrow.

    It's not an easy class and dedication is a must. I hope you find a way to make it work! If not, hold your head up and repeat to your best of ability. Best of luck!
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    Anatomy is a tough subject and your teacher can be great but sometimes they are not. I think for this class you have to teach a lot of things to yourself and have your teacher clarify. I learn by reading, taking notes, recording the lecture, drawing (I am not good at all but it helps), watching YouTube videos on the subject, ( like I youtubed sarcomeres, there is alot of info about it by different students and professors also. There are even videos on labs showing all the bones, muscles on models and cats) I know it is late in the semester but you can get a A I am sure of it. Wish I could help more. Maybe a study group my help, Good Luck!
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    You could check out if your school has Learning Skills Advisors - they assist with organization, time management, study skills, etc. And they're FREE!
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    I also do not get good studying done at home! I kept driving myself crazy trying to get it done, when there are just literally too many distractions! Now I go to the library for a lot of my study time, whether it be the college library or public. It's so much easier to concentrate and no stress!
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    keep holding on

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