I got in to nursing school! Now overwhelmed with stress

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    So I got into a BSN program to start in January... but now I'm stressed about MONEY! I hate money! How will I ever pay for this?

    I am maxing out my loans (I am getting a second degree so I have no other choice) and I still cannot pay for my living expenses AND tuition. Right now I'm finishing pre-reqs and working, but will I be able to keep working - even a little bit - while in school. Eeeeekkk totally freaking out!

    I have no idea what I'm asking, if I'm asking anything at all, just thought I'd vent. Thanks for er, listening.

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    Some food for though, and not trying to frighten you, but; sort out your stress while you can now before you start the program because chances are it will be even more stressful once you're in it.

    Find some way to take a mental break, you will need it: going out to a bar, working out, reading something you enjoy.
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    Definately try to spend quality time with loved ones. Pick a day, and keep that day for family or self time. Thats what helped me through nursing school. You will be ok, have fun with it
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    You are way over reacting. You need to get calm and deal with your stress as poster 1 said, otherwise it will affect ur grades.
    Didn't u think about this before u went to school? Sorry but it was THE first thing I thought about when contemplating university.
    Can u go live at home 4 a while? Otherise do what I did; I went external the last 2 years, lived in a cheap unit and worked everyday. I also worked on weekends doing my clinicals.
    Or do what millions of other students do: get loans or work after school and on weekends. You are not the first person who has had to do this. It nearly killed me doing shiftwork & working w/ends - but I did it and survived.
    You need to start planning for ur future now, otherwise if u really can't afford school, or don't want to work after hours/weekends, give it up till u can afford it.
    Welcolme to the real world.
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    It's doable. I am in the exact same position. When I am in school (my 2nd degree.. and I went to grad school for a yr too) I work PT (like 15 or less hrs) and when I'm on break like the summer I work FT. My s tudent loans are currently in deferrment (as will yours) so they aren't really an issue at the moment. Can't stress about everything right now or like someone said it will affect your grades and your ability to learn. Right now be excited to start school and concentrate on working as much as you can until you start. GL!
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    I feel the same way as you. I got into an Accelerated BSN program and will be starting in January. I am really excited to start but I am also worried about how I will be paying for school. So far I'm taking each day as it comes...taking things slow because I know I will have to take out a lot of loans and work part time. Currently, I am living with my mother and sisters. My advise to you is to plan ahead of time. Make sure you get approved by loans and put your current loans on hold by contacting the financial aid office at your school. Your loans must be put on deferrment until you are officially finished with school. Hope everything works out for the best!
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    Don't worry. If the knuckleheads camping out on Wall Street get their way, you may not have to pay off your student loans. :::eye roll:::
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    Though I'm not yet in the nursing program, I too have had money issues. However, it was a great opportunity to pear down all the unecessary from my life and keep only the essential things I needed. At 32 I swallowed my pride and now "rent" for 200 bucks a month my old bedroom back home. Even if family is not near, when living in Utah I found a few places that had rent at 175 to 275 a month. They were dives and had roomates, but it worked! Consolidated cellphone plan, downgraded my car to something that works and is paid off that requires only the minimum of payments for insurance. My monthly needs dollarwise are now down to about 550 bucks a month. So at 10 bucks an hour I only have to work 55 hours a month, or about 12 or 13 hours a week to break even. I say no when my friends want to hit the movies or go out to eat, but in 2.5 years (one quarter of pre-reqs and the nursing program) it will have all been worth it!
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    Number one is self-care! It helps with stress. Take a day to take care of yourself and do things you love that have NOTHING to do with nursing school.
    In my program (which was accelerated 2 years for RN and Masters degree) some people were able to work and others couldn't balance it. Organization is key. If you do plan on working, schedule in your studying, class, work, sleep, etc.
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    1. you are totally normal.

    2. you are so not alone.

    3. Repeat to yourself when obsessing. "I can do this." "I choose to do this."
    take 3 deep slow breaths and get busy.

    4. Follow the suggestions of other posters.

    5. Ask yourself before spending any money. "Is this something I really need, or is this something I want. Can I find it at a thrift store, on E-bay, or a garage sale. Avoid coffee shops or buy nothing if with a study group

    6. Learn to study anywhere and anytime you have a minute. Make note
    cards of bullet points and keep them in your pocket. Form or join a study group and attend pre-test class review sessions.

    7. swallow your pride and live at home if possible, then work less hours.

    8. Never turn down a free meal!

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