I got accepted....

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    as an alternate to the accelerated program I applied to. I am happy I was considered and now will just wait. My plan is to apply to their regular 2 year BSN program and see how it all shakes out. Anyone ever been accepted as an alternate(I'm #5).

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    What does it mean to be accepted as an alternate? If someone else bails, you get in?
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    Yes, if someone can't go or bails, they call me. So in other words, not really accepted. LOL
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    You'd be surprised. In my friends experiences I've watched two of them be wait listed as alternates and both made it in. They were furthur down the list too. A lot of people once accepted either choose a different school, and sometimes financial aid doesn't go through. People drop out for various reasons. Be prepared to accept.
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    From what I understand, there are many that cannot accept their seat in a given program each semester. Chances are good that you just might get in after all. Be prepare for a phone call

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    #5 is pretty high up! Good job!

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