I got accepted into nursing school!!!! - page 4

I'm so so soooo happy, I have been ALL DAY! since I found out. I've been waiting to see what I saw today on my transcript for a long, long time and I am just overwhelmed with joy :D On to... Read More

  1. by   NyLALove
  2. by   Tinkx RN
    Congrats to us all yayyy!!!
  3. by   shawn39
    Congrats on your acceptance to nursing school. I also will be attending my first semester fall 2012. I have to say I'm scared to death.
  4. by   Tinkx RN
    @shawn39 why?...I mean I could understand why cause I'm scared too but u seem to be terrified...what keep hope alive for me is knowing that if they accepted me then I must have what it takes to succeed and I also the shear fact that we (to those of us who are scared) have fears may do us some justice because we'll do our absolute best ;-) have faith...I do
  5. by   lovemydogs91
    Congratulations! It is a great feeling to get that phone call/letter. Happy for you and good luck in school!