How's everyone's fall semester going?

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    Soooo, now that we are knee-deep in fall 2011, how's everyone feeling? I'm taking A&P II, Nutrition, Spanish I and College Algebra (). I think except for the math, I'm kicking buttinski.

    Anyone else?
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    I'm taking online Micro and am doing well so far. The class setup is pretty boring but besides that, all is well!
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    Im taking A+PII and Math online except for the lab. So far so good on this end. It better stay that way to because I start the LPN to RN bridge in January 2012!
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    I'm taking A&P I and lab, science nutrition, intro to psych, and applied ethics. I to feel like I'm kicking butt! Have gotten 92 and above on all my exams so far. But I am totally beginning to feel sleep deprived. Lil. With 3 kids and that schedule I never stop. But it will be sooo worth it to finally become a RN! Keep it up everyone.
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    I am taking Ethics, Philosophy, English Comp 2 and Intro to Algebra. So far good! Just hate writing all these papers!
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    A&P II, Micro, Intro to Psyc, Dev Psyc, and Stats here. Everything alright until now.

    (Now, back to A&P. Test in 8 hrs)
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    I'm taking Psych, Socio, Stats, & an Online Music class (getting some G.E's out the way). Statistics and Music are relatively easy for me. but Psych and Sociology are kicking my butt.

    But Keep hanging in there guys I'm rooting for you!
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    I'm hitting Fundamentals of Chem w/ Lab, Human Bio w/ lab, Psychology and Nutrition. The Chem and Bio are pre-requs to AP I (which I plan to pair with Micro in the Spring).

    Everything is going well, no tests or quizzes yet (started classes late because of the flooding here in the Albany, NY area).

    I feel like I am keeping up with everyting. I work full time and go to school nights and weekends so I have full days every day.
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    I am currently taking Chemistry and Biology.

    Chemistry 92% in the class so far

    Biology first test on Sat (wish me luck)
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    So far, so good...I think . I am taking Chemistry and AP2 this semester and we haven't had our first exam in either class yet. My AP2 exam is today and Chem exam is on Monday. I'm feeling pretty good about the material. This weekend I'm hitting Chem pretty hard...I need to work on my unit conversions and naming compounds. So like I said so far, so good...but I'll have a better idea next week

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