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I would like any tips you guys have to offer. I'm currently doing well with a solid B, but I want an A. I study my butt off for lecture and lab. I have a 100 in lab, but my lecture grade is an 85. I... Read More

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    Quote from missmollie

    Utilize youtube and khan academy for those difficult processes that you need to see.
    (I love khan academy!)
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    I write the key words in a list and the short definition on the other side. I usually write them and then type them. Or I rewrite my notes and powerpoints. I think that is how I am keeping it all in. I did the same for the bones...writing and rewriting in my own drawings and I got all the spellings down plus the locations. I just finished this for my exam tomorrow. I think I have learned a ton this way. I also do the tests and quizes online for our book. I love the interactive site. Good luck.
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    One thing I have done that has helped me a TON is buying a lecture recording app for my phone. (I use super note but I'm sure there are a ton out there). Each chapter I write a study guide for the exam and then I read it/explain it to myself on the lecture recording app. Then I can play it back and listen in the car, at work, whatever. I also seem to absorb best when explaining things to someone be it my husband or my iPhone
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    Hi there! Congrats on the B so far! But I totally understand you wanting an A (seeing as I am the same way!)

    So, you may be doing this already, but when you do your reading make sure you are actively reading. Reading out loud helps me. Once I finish a page, I summarize what I just read in my own words. Also, reading alone in a quite room helps. I read and "taught myself" so to speak by summarizing and explaining what I just read to myself. I also used note cards...thousand of them! I ended up with an A, but it was tough.

    I also utilized my textbook's online resources. They had great quizzes and animations which really helped with the physiological concepts. If you come across something in your reading you don't understand, don't move forward in the reading until you understand, seeing as concepts tend to build on each other.

    Good luck, you can do it!!!
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    I managed to get an A in both A&P courses. What worked best for me was making charts, flash cards, and working in the open lab 2 days a week with the models. You can't just study off of pictures, it won't help you for the lab practicals! Get as much time as possible with the models. For physiology the flash cards and charts will be more helpful. I studied about 4 days a week for 2-3 hours a day.
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    What book are you using? We used the Martino (Pearson) book. I used the masteringa&p website a lot. The animations helped clarify the lectures. And the quizzes helped me guage how well I knew a topic. Sometimes I had a hard time understanding what my prof was trying to get across. If you have this option, watch the animations first so that you have an understanding of the topic before lecture. Then when you hear your prof lecture, you can ask questions when things still aren't clear. If you don't have this option with your text, then use youtube the topic. A number of professors post their lectures. Some explain things better than others. Also, has a number of lectures on video.

    Take advantage of your professor's office hours or any free tutoring that your school may offer. And ask your professor what you need to do to get an 'A'. Many times, if they know how badly you want it and are trying, they will give you the benefit of the doubt when you are on the border. And once you do talk to him/her, don't miss class and participate during the lecture.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the tips. I tried teaching the information to an imaginary person and it really helped! Now I have an A in lecture. However, my granny walked in on me while I was teaching my imaginary person and now she thinks I'm crazy. Lol
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    However this A might not last long. I have a test over the CNS, PNS, ANS, and endocrine system on Tuesday. And a comprehensive final for lecture and lab on Thursday!

    I haven't even had a chance to study for the final
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    I have an A right now too, and I am also really worried about neural tissue - for some reason I found that the most difficult so far...
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    (new user here!) I have taken A&P1 when I was in the service, and actually have to retake it (which I'm about to head that way for registration lol). I'm not very good at the studing thing, but also not one that can sit and just "absorb" information either. When I took this, it is like everyone has said...if you understand the material, then you will retain the material MUCH easier. I LOVE A&P and I guess that's where it helped me back then. It makes me feel good to know that if someone askes me a "what is THAT" kinda question, I can answer them. And if I can't, I find it and I'm sure to remember it next time. Word/story association can help too, if that makes sense. If you have nursing friends/family/social medial like here, then read/talk about "stories" that other HC workers have...that always seems to help for me. Good Luck and have faith! While I'm giving "advice", I'm freaking out about doing this all over again! lol
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    Ppl keep saying to try and understand but with a&p 1, the majority of info has to be simply memorized. IMO.
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    Try this if you haven't already.
    WebAnatomy - Levels of Organization