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How to get an "A" in any course. - page 4

It's that time again, the prerequisite and nursing school boards will be filling with new fall students. The most common questions I see are usually people feeling worried about some of the "harder"... Read More

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    Good advice! Thanks
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    Wow. This is fantastic advice! Thank you!
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    Great advice. I'm interested in the SQR3 method
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    Thank you!! I always spent so much time on the subjects I find easy instead of those I struggle with! Definitely going to try these
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    Awesome advice! Thanks!
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    Great advice. Planning ahead and using a planner/calendar really make a difference for me. (I like a big wall calendar for major items and a day-to-day planner for the smaller things). I've tried studying through out the week these last couple of quarters and it's made a big difference. I don't need to cram before the exams because I already know the material, so it is more a quick review to solidify things I'm shaky on. Plus I'm doing a lot better on smaller quizzes and assignments through the quarter by constantly reviewing.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    Love this advice, it is all going to really help me when school starts in the Fall. thank you!!
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    Thank you so much for sharing these tips!!! I have heavy school schedule for this coming fall and a one year old (she is my time sucker lol). I also need all A's! I was trying to figure out how I would manage my time for study without neglecting her needs and this sounds perfect. By studying in smaller chunks, previewing and reviewing I don't have days where I'm just in front of the books all day. The key is to write down my schedule so I see it and can manage it accurately.
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    Great tips!
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    You're an angel ~ thank you!
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    Thank you so much for your post! It's always refreshing to review how to succeed. Does anyone here regularly make flashcards using study blue or anki? How well does it work for you?
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    Thank you for the info!

    Damn you for introducing me to another time sucker. I didn't know about Quora! :-p