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How many nursing schools to apply to?

  1. 0 Hey all, this is my first time posting anything and still trying to figure out how this website works. I was just wondering as to how many schools is considered too much to apply to or how many is too little. Right now I am in the midst of applying for the Spring semester of 2014 and I'm planning to apply to 8 different schools. My GPA isn't that impressive, 3.4 and I still need to take the HESI at the start of summer. Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    I just applied to 6 BSN programs in my state. I say apply to however many you want to. All it takes is one to accept you!
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    I plan on only applying to one, since I only want to go to that one.
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    I'm just worried that none will =\ I'm not giving up though, I still have one more semester to bring my GPA up and I'm going to study real hard for the HESI and hopefully get a really good score.
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    I hear you lyn92 I keep getting these feelings that none of the schools will want me I am hoping they see something in me.
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    I applied to one. It's a private Catholic college nursing program. I was limited to the schools I could apply to as I'm doing the LPN to RN bridge program and the State of CT only has a handful of schools that they allow to do the bridge program. since the other schools were community colleges, they were much more difficult to get into and required many more pre-reqs before you could even apply. I am starting my last semester in 10 days. I have friends who also were doing the LPN to RN program, who decided to only apply to the Community colleges, they are still not in the program and I'm almost done. I'm happy with my choice.

    I say apply to as many programs as you are truly interested in.
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    Don't give up!!!
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    CT Pixie, even though there are more BSN programs, I just feel like they're so competitive that I don't have the option of just applying to one But I'm glad you're happy with your program and best of luck to you!