How many credit hours did you take during your pre-admission semester??

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here & this is my first post I'm currently in the CNA course which is a prerequisite requirement for the nursing program at my community college. I will be finishing the course on Dec 7, & starting spring semester in January. I have a lot of pre-reqs so there will be 2 pre-admission semesters AT LEAST. I'm going to try to be accepted into the nursing program in Spring of 2013. (Fall of 2012 if I can since I will be taking the summer semester as my 2nd pre-req sem) This semester coming up I plan to be working as a CNA & I'm also a single mom which is a full-time job in itself. I was going to take Human Bio (4cr + lab), Freshman Rht & Comp (3cr), Algebra&Geo1(5cr), & Intro to Psych (3cr). They are all offered online so that is what I was going to do. I only will have to go one day a month to the Bio labs, & then make it to campus for the midterms & finals which I think is pretty do-able. The problem is, is 15 credit hours online too much??? If I take 15 hours now, then I will only have 8 to take next semester, where I will take another math class to still be considered a full-time student for financial aid. What credit hours did you/are you taking your pre-admission semesters? any single moms out there with a little support system that can help??

    thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   Saysfaa
    You might think about going slower. Get past the learning curve as a CNA before biting off a big chunk of school as well.

    Online classes can save time but you will be further ahead if you learn the material thoroughly rather than do just enough to get the grade. Otherwise you will be learning it in later classes along with the material from the later classes. Learning the material thoroughly almost always means putting the time and energy into it. The rule of thumb is two hours study time per hour of lecture. Online may not have lecture so three hours of work on the class per credit hour. Again, you can probably pass the class (even do well in the class) with less but it is likely to cost you in later classes.

    If you have never done an online class, that would be another learning curve to factor in and even more reason to start slow and take the extra semester or even an extra year.

    Oh, and 8 credits over the summer is full time at most places because the semester is half as long.

    Edit to add. I realized I didn't answer the question.... I took between 14 and 18 credits years ago when I was a traditional student and between 6 and 9 over the past few years when I've had kids and sometimes a part time job. Some of the recent ones have been online, most haven't been.
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  4. by   dawno
    I'm taking 18 hours online in the spring. As long as you can put the time in to study I think you can do it. I have two small children but I don't work. Also, I have my mother to help with the kids when I need. I taking 15 hours this semester on campus and it's been fine. You can do it!!
  5. by   taylorxteddy
    First I would like to say good luck on your endeavors!

    I'm not a single mom, so I can't help you there, but don't overwhelm/rush yourself to hurry and get in. It's more important that you make good grades and really, really learn the material. You will use your pre-req classes in more ways than you think (fiance is in his pedi semester in nursing school and is using tons from general psych and lifespan).

    Don't push yourself to the point where you don't have time for your kid(s) and you're stressed out at work because you're trying to get all your classes done. Also, I'm in mostly online classes this semester and it is a JOB! It almost seems like there is more work involved in these even though I don't have to go to class. I have to do tons of discussion postings to count as my participation grades to make up for not physically being there. Everything has strict due dates as well, so make sure you're a by-the-planner kind of person or you can get behind really quickly.

    I start in the spring (just got accepted), and this semester I'm taking 14 hours (my hardest semester thus far - pharmacology, philosophy, french, and honors computer science). Last semester I took 15 (A&P II honors, nutrition, govt I, and history II), plus I took 7 over the summer (chem and govt II). However, I do not have a job or children, and I still live at home, so this was very doable for me. Figure out what works best for you. IF you can juggle all of this, then go for it, and kudos to you!! However, it's better to wait until 2013, then to rush through and possibly mess your gpa up.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: That it really odd that your school requires a CNA course prior to nursing school. After your first semester of nursing school, you have the equivalent in education to a CNA... hmm
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  6. by   DFWgal
    Quote from dawno
    I'm taking 18 hours online in the spring. As long as you can put the time in to study I think you can do it.
    I agree. I'm taking 17 hours this semester (pre-admission semester)
  7. by   Saysfaa
    taylorxteddie, My school requires CNA before application. The first semester is modified compared to most schools because the instructors know that the students have had it. It gives a bit more time during the first semester for other things and it ensures that applicants have had some exposure to nursing - some people change their minds due to the CNA class. There is still always a lot more applicants than spots in our program.
  8. by   taylorxteddy
    Ahh well I suppose that makes sense. A little experience prior. I think the applicants > spots is pretty typical of every nursing program, regardless of level (ASN, BSN, etc). I just got into TWU for the spring (BSN) and there were only 90 spots, but supposedly 700+ applicants.

    I can see how that would turn people off to the program though. Maybe they do it intentionally to see who is truly interested? It's a great idea, I've just never heard of it before. Does it make the program any shorter? My fiance's ASN program is 5 semesters long.
  9. by   AaronsMommyxx
    Our ASN program is 4 semesters/5 semesters long depending on how many credits you take per semester.

    I ended up taking only 13 credits. Human Biology online (4cr+ on-campus Lab), Chem (4 cr On Campus), & Algebra/Geometry 1 (5 cr). This way I will take 6 in the summer, which is considered full-time for financial aid (Intro to Psych (3cr) & Freshman Rhet & Comp (3cr)) & I will have Anatomy & Physiology 1 left for fall semester. Since that is 4 credit hours as well, & I wont qualify for financial aid then, I will either pay it out-of-pocket or I will take Algebra/Geo 2 (5) & Speech 101 (3) along with it.
  10. by   AaronsMommyxx
    So my schedule will look like this:
    SPRING 2012
    Human bio - 4
    Fund of Chem - 4
    Alg/Geo I - 1
    = 13 cr hr

    SUMMER 2012
    Intro to Psych - 3
    Rhetoric &Comp - 3
    = 6 cr hr

    FALL 2012
    Anat & Phys I - 4
    Principles of effective speaking - 3
    Alg/Geo II - 5
    = 12 cr hr
  11. by   taylorxteddy
    Looks like a great schedule to me!
  12. by   AaronsMommyxx
    Thanks xx
  13. by   Saysfaa
    The CNA requirement does not make our program any shorter. We really don't learn all that much to be a CNA.... how to properly wash hands, put isolation gear on and off w/o contaminating yourself, take vitals, move pts, feed them, change them or the use of bedpans, make beds with or without a pt in the bed, a bit of what to watch for, things like that. And four full days taking care of actual pts. Certainly not enough to fill even one credit at a nursing school pace but enough to be felt, I think.

    They say in the info for prospective nurses meeting that it is at partially (can't remember if they said prodominately or not) to help find out who is truly interested, both for the benefit of the school but also for the benefit of the students not to spend the time/money on something that they only think they want to do. They also say it is not the end all of a screen but it is something.
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  14. by   AaronsMommyxx
    My CNA program is a bit more advanced I think. We care with foleys & sooo much transferring! Mechanical lifts, & moving pts by ourselves, too. Bathing bathing bathing, feeding them, getting them dressed, measuring input/output, collecting specimens, etc. We also have 6 full days of working in a nursing home where each of us students have 3pts to take care of by ourselves. It's not easy work, I can just imagine when I'm not a student anymore and actually working. I really need to learn how to save my back lol