How to make an A in a&p1?

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    I would like any tips you guys have to offer. I'm currently doing well with a solid B, but I want an A. I study my butt off for lecture and lab. I have a 100 in lab, but my lecture grade is an 85. I use flashcards and read the chapter but its just not working. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, bc without an A in lecture I won't get into the program bc of the competivness. This is my first post as a new user, so I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to post this here.

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    Well if you study your butt off and get a B, then be happy. Many of the people I went to class with didnt get that, most had to retake the class. I bought a second A&P book for a different company and read that to extract more knowledge and get other understandings of the material. Id look online for other sources, watch videos of difficult stuff.
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    Welcome to Allnurses. I have been here for many years. These folks have helped me from the very position you're at to graduating nursing school.

    With that being said, congrats on getting a B thus far. That is truly a super dooper accomplisment. Like the above poster said, I too started with many and left with so few. You must be doing something right to be getting a B. However, if you want to bump it up to the next level, you could join a study group, find online resources for more practice, make concept maps, create your own study guide, search Allnurses for other people's tips, join/create a study group, or find the super nerdy person in class and cling to them! Seriously though!

    I commend you for wanting excellence. I too wanted (ultimately received) an A in both A&P classes. You'll find though that grades don't define a person entirely. If you don't get the grade you want, know that you aren't only a grade and you can still succeed. It took me a very LONG time to realize I'm not just a grade or GPA. Good Luck!


    Look up my name, "Floridatrail2006" because I believe I wrote some stuff on here about A&P awhile ago.
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    I currently have an A in A&P I, and this is what I have done to earn it:

    Aim for understanding. Dont simply memorize! I cannot stress that enough. If you can't explain the concept to a friend/family member in simple terms, you don't know it. This is the best way to gauge whether you need to study more. A study group can be helpful with this, but be careful. You want to study with someone who will help your learning, not hinder it. Don't have more than 2-3 people. Any more than that and it loses focus.

    Don't just read the book!! Watch videos on YouTube, animations that come with your textbook online materials, play games (there are several online anatomy ones), anything that helps you to understand the material.

    If your teacher allows you to record the lecture, DO IT! Being able to listen to it again later can be a lifesaver.

    Make sure you take your own notes, in your own words. Try to rewrite them after class, and add things from your text if you feel it needs clarification

    Do practice problems! Usually your online textbook companion has practice quizzes, and there's questions at the end of each chapter. It's a good way to identify what you need to study. Study smarter, not harder. I study much less than my B and C counterparts because of this. It's a waste of time to study things you already know. It seems a lot of people tend to just study everything, and that's part of why they don't do as well as they would like.

    These combined methods of visual, auditory, and tactile learning will give you a MUCH greater understanding of the material than if you just read your book/flash cards.

    Finally, utilize your instructors office hours! That is what they are there for!

    I know this might seem like a lot of work, but so is getting an A in A&P. It might seem like I'm telling you to go study for 20-30 hours a week. Truth be told, I only study around 6-8 hours a week for this class, but I do utilize all of these methods. Smarter, not harder!

    It just comes down to your level of commitment. If you want it badly enough, you CAN do it!
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    Meep hit the nail on the head!

    Understanding is KEY! You should be able to sit down, and draw yourself a mind map of the topic while explaining it outloud to yourself. Studying with 2 other people who know their stuff is also a great way to make it stick, and promote understanding of your topic. Make a key terms page that has your definitions.
    Draw pictures and use different colours to label. You'll be surprised how using colour can help you to remember. Also, having a firm grasp of your medical terminology can really give you an edge when it comes to breaking down words for A&P.

    Good luck, and you can do it!!!
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    Thanks you guys so much! <3

    I'm grateful for my B (God has blessed me so much), but I still want an A. But sometimes I do need to realize that grades are not the most important things in life and I occasionally need to take a break and have fun... I'll only be 20 once.
    Thank you for reminding me.
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    Also please keep the study tips coming!

    I'm going to start recording lectures.

    Also my book has horrible only study games and quizzes. They are overly simplified and not detailed enough to help. Does anybody have any recommendations for good websites for studying lecture material? I searched the forum but couldn't find anything?? (Sorry for being a newbie)
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    Talk to the teacher, ask him what you can do to do better on lecture tests. Only he can help give the best advice since all professors have different testing methods. Find out the key points he focus on and spend energy on that instead of trying to remember everything overwhelming.
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    It's so different for everyone. I know people in my class that study 16+ hours a week for a&p I and barely get B's. I study the night before the test and get A's. I think a lot of success in this class is not only studying, but understand how you learn. Also, test taking is a skill. Are you nervous before a test, do you psyche yourself out? Sometimes overthinking it is a killer, also, for me, I NEVER change my answers! Develop your learning skills and test taking skills. Sometimes quantity of studying doesn't matter as much as quality based on how you learn.

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