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It’s that time again, the prerequisite and nursing school boards will be filling with new fall students. The most common questions I see are usually people feeling worried about some of the “harder” classes associated with the... Read More

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    Amazing info! Can't wait to apply this!
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    Thanks for these tips. I really needed this! Bookmarked!!
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    Love this.
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    I have 3 courses left to apply for the acclerated BSN program and I am hoping to recieve A's in all three - these are tips I will be sure to keep in mind!

    I totally agree with some of the previous replies - I have never understood why people expect to recive credit for work they don't complete or effort they do not put in! I have never asked a professor to curve my grades or "bump" my grade up. I have in the past had professors who if everyone in the class got a question wrong would remove that question from the grading but they only did it because they felt they must not have taught the material correctly if everyone was coming to the same wrong conclusion.
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    SopranoKris, what king of organizer did you get? Where did you get it?
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    Wow I am just now seeing this great post
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    I use a lot of highlighting on my syllabus, and I mark the days I have a test/homework due with a specific color. I always put a check mark next to what I've completed. I also write the days that I have tests on the calender next to my desk so I can always see and remember when I have something important to do. It really works for me, and I love putting check marks next to what I've finished.

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    The original post assumes that you have teachers that actually know what they are doing. I'm in my MedSurg rotation and we have a graduate student who's going for her DNP (FNP) in our applied assessment class. Lets just say lectures are useless and no one ever knows what the tests and quizzes will be on.

    For those classes that do have great teachers, I will agree with them. I love classes that have teachers that love to teach. :_)
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    This is wonderful!!! Thanks a bunch!
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    Good advice! Thanks

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