How early is too early to prepare for TEAS entrance Exam?

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    I am currently taking my pre-reqs at a JC in hopes to transfer to CSLB. Obviously almost every University is impacted. I will be transfering with more than 60 units. I should be ready to transfer by end of 2014 if all goes well. My fear right now is that, like anyone else, I don't get in. Having this said, I want to start practising for the TEAS exam now! so that I am fully prepared and not scrambling at the list minute. <BR><BR>Any suggestions on my timing? what book to buy, the versions etc.?<BR>Any suggestions on what not to do? <BR>Or when is the best time?<BR>Also does anyone know if the test is changed, and how many times? This would help me in purchasing the appropriate book to study from. <BR><BR>I'm going on 32, have one teenager going into High school and a toddler starting pre-school at the end of the year, im super nervous and anxious and well its very late in life to be doing this and im getting so much critisism from many because its late. Just need little advise and motivation.

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    Get the latest edition of the TEAS of their website! It's never to early to start reviewing. Good luck!
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    lol I was just telling someone yesterday about the apparent 30's syndrone. All we 30's folks seem to think we are late for something...what exactly? I do not know. I'm 35 so I am really late I guess and I wish I could just get my BSN tommorow and be done with it, so u not the only one feeling that way. Its never too early to take the teas I just completed my preques got my AA 2 weeks ago and I went right ahead 2 days ago and took my teas V without further studying.
    I got 84% total adjusted score..national percentile 94%, college percentile 95%, so just go take it to see where you at, you are not penalized for retakes.
    Provided they do not come out with another version I believe scores are valid for like 2 or 3 years. Its funny cause I just wanted to get a feel for the test,to see what its like. I did not expect to do as well as I did. Maybe if I study and go back in 3 months I'll get in the 90's but 84 is good enough to get into most programs in my least thats what they say. check out the thread TEAS V 2012 lots of info on there.
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    Do you mean cal state long beach? They allow you to take it as many times as you want and will only take the highest score. However, other schools aren't so lenient so you definitely want to make your first try count.

    Honestly, it's never too early. If you start studying now just take the test when you feel ready. That being said, I found the test to be incredibly easy without studying, so don't stress. I ordered the study guide online, but it shipped late and I got it the day before I had to take the test.

    Again, I'm not sure if you mean csulb, but if you do make sure to keep track of testing dates and registration because the spots fill up quickly. If they say they will start registering people at 9am, show up at 8 because I guarantee you that there will already be ppl waiting. Best of luck.

    Also, i've heard of cc's offering crash courses for TEAS, but I'm not sure where
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    Hi Michelle,

    I ended up purchasing a new copy of the TEAS McGraw (not the exact name) exam guide on Amazon, really cheap for new copy. I got the version with the CD and so far Its a good eye opener on what anyone would need to study.
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    Man-Nurse congradulations on everything! i know men are on demand and with your scores im sure you will have no problem getting hired.

    I'm honestly so glad to hear all the feedback i am getting here, yes i see its a syndrome now, I also don't have a clue as to what it is but maybe its just a half way point who knows. But im going to keep on pushing and try to not look to much into my age. Most of my critics are my family. Mothers are always expected to do for their families than themselves. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

    Where are you from? I'm in southern California and the odds of getting in are very difficult and competitive high scores are a must! I will have to do more homework to determine if any of the colleges down here expect the best TEAS score to consider taking it for a trial run, which is a great! idea.

    Thanks again, and please keep posting your experience with the school you get into, courses, study material etc. I know everyone on here can use it.

    Best of luck!
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    Hi Lucy

    Yes I'm going to be brave and attempt to get into Cal State Long Beach. Any suggestions on other nursing BSN programs? Also, which study guide did you order and did you find it helpful?

    As far as testing dates, do you mean the TEAS or Cal State Long Beach entrance testing?

    You know this is news to me, thanks for the heads up, i will be looking to see who offers these crash courses, anything helps at this point. Im noticing that the practise i will be doing will not just help with my TEAS test, but overall its a great brush up on those of us who have been out of school for a while. So my recommendation is study for TEAS every break you get in school, because this info. will help you in all your course work.
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    I'm in Florida area, more central so UCF FSU, UF and UNF, USF are the big schools here for BSN, I might end up doing ADN at a state/community college cause i need to work to support the family will work out, things always do.
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    I'm also a mom in my 30's with 2 teenagers and a 1st grader. My dream is to get into sac states competitive nursing program. I think that looking over teas guides is a good thing at any stage so that you can familiarize yourself with the types of questions. That being said, I am starting to study for the teas now at the same time that I complete my last semester of prereqs prior to applying to nursing schol in the fall.I've always kind of thought that studying for the teas while you complete a&p 2 would be an effective way to learn the things the teas requires. Crossing my fingers and praying this works!
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    I'm curious, what is the major difference with the ADN and BSN, i know that obviously one is a Bachelors degree and the other is a A.A I so far see that it is alot of courses almost same for BSN and with same pre-reqs and i hate to question your decesion I'm single parent and i know how hard it is and im sure its 3x harder for you, but why not pursue the BSN? I think it will get more difficult to obtain it later with having a busy work schedule and supporting a family so just wondering why some take this route..thoughts?

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