How can I retain all of this lol . . .. How can I retain all of this lol . . .. | allnurses

How can I retain all of this lol . . ..

  1. 0 Im just laying here thinking about all of the information that I am having to retain. Like really, how am I going to be able to retain all of this lol. God I love a challenge!!!
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    My personal trick is to always link new things I'm learning to something I already know, that way the idea has something to anchor to in my head. Otherwise ideas all go floating away like a handful of helium balloons after you punch the clown holding them
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    I really have developed some of the weirdest ways of learning this material for nursing school. I'm in pre-reqs and in this time span, I have started studying so weirdly that I definitely couldn't ever function in a study group correctly. I'll have flash cards out, the book, my outline, diagrams on the internet and video pertaining pulled up all at the same time and switch through them. I'm pretty quirky with it all. I also always try to link what I'm learning to something that I already know, even if it might not be 100% related. You do what you gotta do! You just have to make sure you set aside the ample amount of time needed for each course to get it done! Best of luck, you'll be just fine!
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    You'll be thinking the same exact thing once you hit nursing school too. Yet, somehow students graduate, take the NCLEX and pass, and become nurses. Focus on what is at hand and try not to worry about what's in the future too much. Taking things day by day will help keep your sanity. Good luck.
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    I am that way, too! I have a wide variety of sources that I use to get information/study.
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    That's my issue..I think of the future when I need to deal with whats now! You can and will do's the way you gotta think.