Help Statistics is killing me!!

  1. Hello everyone, I'm taking intro/elementary statistics right now and I'm not doing well, I only have two more months of school left. I have taken 2 test already and failed both of them; my teacher told us we have 3 more test to take and my online homework count as one grade, plus we can drop the lowest grade and replace it. I was wondering have anyone taken this class before and if so can you give me some kind of advice about studying. I need help BAD!!
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  3. by   Sevag
    Hey, there are numerous educational videos on YouTube that can help you to understand the material. Also Try khanacademy on YouTube.
  4. by   Miiki
    I second Khan Academy. My stats teacher assigns some of their videos to us and they are usually very made.
  5. by   professionalgirl80
    There are plenty of resources that could help improve your grades in Elementary Statistics. if you own any Apple devices such as IPhone or iPad you can download different statistics apps. A few apps which helped me immensely in statistics were Statistics & Probability Tutors, Simple N' Easy Statistics & Probability, and some of the Statistics courses that are on iTunes University. All of these you can download from the Apple AppStore. If probability is complexing and perplexing for you can purchase Probability Demystified. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!
  6. by   dannygurl84
    Thank y'all all so much!!
  7. by   JUSTanLPN
    I'm taking business statistics which I believe is probably the equivalent to what your taking. I was struggling until started using a ti-83 graphing calculator.

    Are u using a graphing cal?
  8. by   dannygurl84
    Yes I'm using a graphing calculator but math was a struggle for me since high school.
  9. by   SopranoKris
    I'm using the TI-84 graphing calculator and it makes a huge difference if you can use the commands to calculate binomialpdf/cdf or InvNorm, etc. Plus the ability to make histograms, scatterplots & boxplots is helpful when you use the Trace function to find min/max, 1st & 3rd Quartile, median, etc.

    I would highly recommend you see if your school offers supplemental instruction or tutoring. It's highly beneficial. If they do not, see if you can make an appointment with your professor to cover the areas you're struggling with. I second the suggestions to use Khan Academy's online videos.
  10. by   dannygurl84
    When I go to my teacher I understand it more but when I'm at home I get all confused. I don't want it to be that way. I have to pass this class. Thanks for the info.
  11. by   MusicToMedicine
    I feel your pain! Statistics is very difficult. It isn't really the math that is hard, in my opinion. It's the way you have to change the way you think about numbers. I'm a solid math student - straight A's all the way up through Calculus. But statistics is really challenging the way I work with numbers and the way I think about them - lots of critical thinking. Statistics isn't as "concrete" as I see Algebra and Calculus being. I find that it is more abstract - especially as it tries to "predict the future" (probabilities)! We just finished our unit on probabilities and I think I did well on the exam - but that's because I read the chapters two to three times each before it started sinking in. All of this to say that you shouldn't feel bad that statistics is difficult for you. It's difficult for a lot of people. And I also agree with the Khan academy recommendations - lots of good tutorials there. Continue going to your professor for extra help and perhaps look into your school's tutoring program if they have one. Good luck to you! We can do this!
  12. by   baja_blast1
    When I was in stat the thing that helped me the most was doing all the ch review questio s at the end of each chapter. The key to math is doing problems till you understand it.
  13. by   dannygurl84
    Thank you Music to Medicine, it feel really good to know that someone else was doing good up until statistics. No in a bad way though, knowing that we are smart. This class makes me feel dumb. It can be really depressing sometimes. My teacher told me to do the problems in the back if the book also. I might have to cram a little because the test is tomorrow but I'll get it and thanks for the advice/info.
  14. by   dannygurl84
    Yes baja_blast1, that's the only way I understand math is by doing the problems over and over. It's just with this class it's a struggle, I wish it wasn't like this but all I can do is try.