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Hello everyone, I'm taking intro/elementary statistics right now and I'm not doing well, I only have two more months of school left. I have taken 2 test already and failed both of them; my teacher... Read More

  1. by   dannygurl84
    Can anyone tell me why the times are hours ahead instead of the right time? It's 12:27 where I'm at..
  2. by   BSNbeDONE
    The only thing I can offer you are prayers!!!! I did statistics online....struggled every minute but was passing.....until we had to discuss stats on the discussion boards........KILLED ME!!! It was agony to manage the right answer so don't expect me to be able to tell you HOW I stumbled across it. So, I withdrew from that college and found a stats course WITHOUT the discussion board then searched for an online college that would take it. I'm happy now!
  3. by   dannygurl84
    Thank you so much LYNDAA!! I need a lot of prayers.
  4. by   Miiki
    Go to account -- edit settings -- then scroll to date & time and correct your time zone
  5. by   Boxer Mama
    I am currently taking stats online. I spend a lot of time working problems until I understand them. I will work every problem online, which is nice because I can get feedback right away, and I work the problems until I understand them because it seems that in stats that concepts build upon one another. I would do every practice problem possible and look for help at the websites already listed. Before you know it, the semester will be done! Good luck!!
  6. by   cnoto34
    I struggled a lot until I looked up shortcuts to te problems using the calculator. Made things a lot easier! The book made it more difficult... I watched a lot of u tube videos as well
  7. by   Nurse2b7337
    Where are the formulas for the calculator?
  8. by   cnoto34
    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Where are the formulas for the calculator?
    Depends in which one you have... I looked up cheat sheet for my particular one ... Spent time searching it up but was worth it
  9. by   dannygurl84
    Ok thanks Miiki
  10. by   dannygurl84
    Thank y'all, I'm really struggling too. It's like no other math that I've had before.
  11. by   Bubbly26
    I would say Khan Academy. They have some really helpful videos. Also, I suggest recording your lecture for the class. When I took stats, it really helped me out.
  12. by   edmia
    Quote from dannygurl84
    Thank y'all, I'm really struggling too. It's like no other math that I've had before.
    I triple the Khan Academy recommendation. It's great for any math review you need.

    You might also consider a tutor. When I did statistics it had been years since I had done any math, so it was hard. I found a great tutor on Craigslist that was not very expensive (local college kid majoring in statistics). I had a couple of sessions before big exams and it was great to have someone break it down step by step.

    Good luck!

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  13. by   dannygurl84
    Thanks bubbly26 and edima