Help! Does my schedule look okay?

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    Hello everyone! This is my second semester taking prerequisites for nursing school. I just wanted some feedback to how my schedule is for this semester.

    Anatomy & Physiology 1
    Elementary Spanish 2
    Intro to Nutrition

    I am only working weekends (Saturday and Sunday, all day/night) however I am not married and have no kids. Does this seem doable? I want all A's


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    Definitely seems doable to me!
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    very doable! good luck
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    Yep, looks fine to me.
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    Very doable! Good luck.
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    You should be good. I think you'll find that there will be a lot of concurrent material in nutrition and A&P. Also In this first week of classes I'm also getting a lot of overlap in material between A&P & Micro. Both classes are currently covering basic chemistry and biology so I'm able to study for both at the same time. I know it won't be like that much past this first unit, but I'm liking it while it lasts. Believe it or not the only one of these classes that I personally wouldn't want to do at the same time is spanish (But I am in NO WAY trying to dissuade you from doing it! You obviously know you better than I) I just hate college foriegn language classes, my mother is spanish and so I know costa rican spanish, not mexican or spainard spanish so I have to relearn what I already know and it drives me CRAZY! Haha. Hope you have a wonderful semester.

    Concurrent A&P and Micro students of the world unite!! Everyone says we're crazy, but I'm just don't ever going into anything with fear!
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    Thanks everyone!!! I was just worried because many people were saying NOT to take AandP and micro together! Whew~ I purposely dropped my 5th class to focus on those two. Hope it all goes well!
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    Very doable, a lot of what I learned in A&P 1 helped in Micro. You'll be fine.
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    Yep! You can do it. :-) Study hard and Good luck!

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