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Help please, I live in south Florida and might be going into the AS program at Concorde Career Institute, they have guaranteed me that they are accredited, but I would like a secondary source for verification. Also I would like... Read More

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    Here is the deal! Many schools will say that they are accredited, and they are. What you have to determine, is what type of accreditation they hold, and how that will affect things like transfer credits and the state you are trying to get a job in. Also, if what you are needing to do right now is make money, consider going the LPN route and then pursuing your BSN slowly, after that. It does NOT make sense to take out such an enormous amount in loans to get your ADN, when alot of new grads are having a difficult time finding work. Trust me on this, I have weighed out the different options for a few years now, and going the community college route makes the most sense. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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    According to their website, Concorde is only accredited by one of the organizations that accredits proprietary tech/voc "career" schools -- so it's highly unlikely that their courses would be accepted by any "regular" colleges or universities for credit if/when you want to continue your education (although I agree with the suggestion that you contact local colleges/unis and ask them whether they accept transfer credits from Concorde). Also, they are not NLNAC accredited -- graduating from a program not NLNAC accredited can cause problems for you throughout your career, even many years after you've graduated.

    You could graduate from a properly accredited program somewhere else for a whole lot less than $40k ...

    I also strongly encourage you to check out (if you haven't seen it already) the PBS "Frontline" episode on proprietary "colleges" -- FRONTLINE: college, inc. | PBS. There are also many threads here about the experiences people have had with proprietary tech/voc schools.

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