Hello!  I'm new to allnurses! Hello! I'm new to allnurses! | allnurses

Hello! I'm new to allnurses!

  1. 5 Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. After years of working at a job I find unfulfilling, I've finally decided it was time to return to school! I will be a pre-nursing student as of this fall, hoping to eventually become an RN. I am excited (and a little nervous!) beyond words. I've always known that I wanted to help people in some way. At first I thought of going into social work, but I ended up choosing nursing, and I think it will suit me well.

    I've been reading threads on this site for a number of months now and finally signed up today. I look forward to chatting with you all and hopefully learning a lot as well!

    Also, I should add that I would be appreciative of any study, organizational, or general tips you can give to me as a pre-nursing student! It's been a while since I've been in school!

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    Hi! Good on you for making that step! I started pre reqs in 2010, it was a slow process for me since I had been out of school for so long, but I finally got in my groove and finished pre reqs and started on co reqs last year. Start the nursing program in August for ADN, then will get my BSN after and my trauma cert. Pleased to meet ya. Good luck on your journey!
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    I started official pre reqs(the sciences) this summer. I have all the others satisfied.

    Enjoy the crazy!
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    Welcome, Lindsey:

    There are a lot of solid people who participate on this site. There are extremely knowledgeable and wise RN's and LPN's who are a tremendous help to a lot of people.

    Congrats on both joining the site, and on your journey in nursing.
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    Thanks for all of the welcomes!
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    Welcome! I have found YouTube to be a huge help with studying.
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    Right there with you Lindsey! I plan on starting my pre-reqs in the Spring. I have been working at a passionless, but comfortable job since I was a senior in college (5 years ago) and I finally decided to pull the trigger. I still have so many things to figure out - financially, with my husband and otherwise - but I know we all have to start somewhere. I finally decided that I cannot let the fear of the unknown - fear of not getting into nursing school, of getting a job, paying our mortgage while working and balancing school!!! I know I have to make the move. Good luck with what is sure to be an exciting and rigorous process! This site has been so helpful as I have browsed it the last several months too! Such a great, honest community
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    Welcome! I love Khan academy online. He does a wonderful job of explaining things.
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    Just wanted to tell you that I’m in the same shoes as you are. I plan to start my pre-req’s for Nursing this fall, have no idea what’s waiting for me and how many of them I have to take (probably a lot), but sticking to my goal ! Are you from Wisconsin ? I’m from Illinois.