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Hello everyone, I graduated from Cornell in May of 2009 with a BS in Biology. I now want to go on to nursing. Here is my predicament. Should I take the pre-reqs and go into an accelerated BSN program next fall or... Read More

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    I just want to know what is the minimum GPA if i would like to go to ABSN. Are the have the same minimum GPA? I get my degree in BS Biology. I want to take Accelated Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Any advice?
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    Different programs have different requirements. There is no "universal" rule to it. You will have to research different programs and what their requirements are for admission.
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    Some schools will say 3.0, some others say 3.3, its not universal. The thing is though if you ask them for the average GPA of their entering class, it is generally 3.6/3.7.
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    I have been out of school for going on two years now with a BS in Biology. I once wanted to go to PT school but I changed my mind a year ago. I have two boys now (which is why I did not go straigt to nursing school) and I am ready to go back to school to get my BSN and then on to MSN, am I going in the right direction considering in the future I want to become a Nurse Practicioner? I am very confused about where I should start in order to begin taking the coursed I need. HELP!!!!!!

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