Got my acceptance letter today! - page 3

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I am so relieved! I kind of knew it was good news before I opened the envelope because it was thick and I'm thinking, "How many pages would it take to say "Not accepted?" The first word I read was Congratulations and I didn't... Read More

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    Congrats to you! Supposedly good things come in small packages but I think happiness comes in a big envelope!
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    Wow, that's excellent news!!! I can just imagine your excitement and seeing "Congratulations!" at the top of the page!!!!

    Good luck in nursing school
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    Thanks again, everyone! It's so good to see so much support that goes out on this site. I am so glad I came across allnurses BEFORE I started as a nursing student, lol. I already know that this will be my go-to site.....I downloaded the app for it on my cell the other day so I'm locked and loaded
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