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    Hello all-

    I am currently a stay-at-home-mom to a 1 year old little boy and am really thinking about going back to school for nursing. Are there any other parents out there with any tips? I am stressing over child care and the such.
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    I have three kids and a full time job I don't know what schools you are looking at, or if you already have your prereqs done, but I went the community college route. I took all my prereqs online, or at night in class, to save time. Then it's just a matter of time management and balance. Now, once I start full time nursing program, it may be a little more difficult, but just look forward to the road ahead. Good luck!
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    I am looking the community college route too. I was actually thinking of doing the online classes too.
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    I wouldn't stress to much about having a child and going to nursing school. I too went the community college route with four small children and have manged my pre-req's just fine. Just be prepared for how long it is going to take you to obtain your RN. I wish that I had known just how long it would take before I started. This way I wouldn't have been so disappointment when I found out! I finally finished my pre-req's last semester (Dec. 2011) after 2 years and now I'm waiting for acceptance into nursing which my school says is 2-3 semesters. I have one down, hopefully only one more to go. So all in all, by the time I graduate your talking about 5 years for an associate degree . If you want it bad enough, go for it! Good luck!
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    I have three kids (9, 7 and 4). I have been taking prereqs now for three semesters and hopefully can apply to the nursing program this December. It can be done. I have to take night classes right now since childcare for three is just too much. I am at a community college and love going to class! I agree with the previous post to really look at how long this will take because it can be a sobering point. But, for me, this did not stop me and I know it will take years to get my ADN and then a bit more for my BSN, but I am okay with this. Also, I work from home doing medical transcription as well. So, you just have to learn to be very organized and plan ahead and I would say "go for it" if this is something that you really want!
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    I have 2 kids (4 and 8), and have been completing my pre-reqs for the past two years. I have been taking community college courses and have really enjoyed learning again! If you're concerned about childcare I would choose the online classes. I have taken in-class (both day and evening classes) and online courses and I prefer the online courses for the flexibility they offer. I have to work at being organized and making sure I meet deadlines, but this is not hard to do. I take about 2 to 3 classes a semester and this workload has not been too bad. Start with 1 or 2 classes, and see how it works out for you. I wish you good luck!
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    I don't have children, but my parents were both in school when I was a child and it is doable! My mom hated daycare, so my parents traded off hours or had us stay with a retired couple. Many schools have clubs for adult degree students. You may try to find another mom attending school to trade off child care with.

    Good luck, and remember that in a few years you will be so glad you took the step.
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    I have three kids( 6, and twins 3). I have been taking core for about two years and now I'm waiting for an acceptance letter. It's doable with kids just a little more tiring. I have taken all types of schedules. I started out working part time. My kids do go to daycare but we bond when we can. I have support so that does help. if I can get in this year then all will end soon. Anyway good luck and remember make friends that can do you a favor. Stay in touch with family that can help and do whatever it takes if you have your mind on finishing.
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    I would go with the community college route as I know a few people who work full time while doing Nursing. I guess instead of working you could take care of your family? Just don't expect to be done ASAP, balance is the key.
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    I am a mother of 2 young girls (5.5 & 4), I work full time, and go to school part time. My eldest is in kindergarten and in the After School Program, My youngest is in pre-school and afterschool program. I go to class during the nights and weekends. I will complete my pre-req's by the end of this Spring 2012 term, and it has taken me 4 semesters (Spring, Fall and Summer semesters) to do so.

    I have had to reach out to family members and pay a babysitter for help to watch them when I am in class and my husband is at work. I study when the girls are asleep, when they are playing on their own, or on my commute to and from work/school. In other words- Its extremely difficult not only to manage my time but it has also placed a financial burden on my family. But it is worth it.

    So I say Go for it! Your child is young and it only gets harder as they grown up- so start now! My eldest asked me the other day "Mama why you always doing homework? Why don't you play with me?". Although my first reaction was to cry, I stopped myself from doing so and told her I am doing HW now so I can provide a better life for her and her sister in the future.

    It is not all fun and games. I found myself crying in the bathroom stall one Sunday Morning after taking a Lab practical. I was overwhelmed and lost sight of why I was working so hard. Then I remembered my 2 beautiful dolls at home and the life I want for them.

    And guess what..I have already heard back from 2 schools I applied to- both accepted me.

    Now the REAL journey begins. I cannot work while I am at school- so we will be down to 1 income. The courses will be a whole lot more difficult than our pre-reqs as well. Although I am scared- I am focused to finish this.
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