Fscj rn summer 2018 hopefuls - page 5

Hi, My name is Brittiany and I'm applying for FSCJ's Summer 2018 Nursing program. Anyone out there applying as well?... Read More

  1. by   laladml
    The confirmation email said the end of March. Good luck!!
  2. by   Cardtm1
    Hi everyone! I applied for the summer term as well, good luck you guys!!!!!
  3. by   Shinesmlpn
    I only turned the first page of the application in with my cpr card, is that all i need to turn in? Im still waiting for my email confirmation and am worried i didnt turn everything in. Fscj has my hesi and transcripts.
  4. by   Brittiany
    I just sent in my application this morning for the LPN TO RN program as well as the RN program. I'm applying with a total of 142.50 points. Good luck everyone! Make sure to post here when you get your emails!!
  5. by   Cardtm1
    Does anyone know the cut off for summer? I have a total of 146.5/160 points.
  6. by   Kenny 2018
    I'm at 144.5 and applied to the LPN-RN Bridge and RN school. If I'm not mistaken the cutoff last semester was 135.

    I work full time as a dialysis nurse, so I'm praying that I get into the Bridge program
  7. by   Shinesmlpn
    How many seats are there for the rn bridge and the regular rn program?
  8. by   David120
    From what I've read, 144 for Spring/Fall and 96 for Summer.