Free nursing school or family and job?

  1. I recently got a call back from job corps, the recruiter said I am very likely to be admitted into the program. Through JobCorps I would get my CNA FREE and then advance to either their free lpn or rn courses all while living in their center. My other option is to just stay home, get a job, help my family out with the expenses and attend a private nursing school. What would you do? I am torn between free education and helping my single mom with the bills and smaller siblings. I am 19 years old and I have both a jobcorps tour of the center and a job interviews coming up I can only choose 1.
  2. Poll: free education or private nursing school?

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  4. by   HeatherMax
    Going to school for free would be much more of a help to your Mom in the long run.
  5. by   Bouncyball
    I think it will be more expensive to go to a private school and work or take out loans. I would go to school for free in a heartbeat! You will be able to help your mom more by going to school for free.
  6. by   pixiestudent2
    Please go get a free education!
  7. by   nerdbird
    I was placed in a similar situation this time last year. I am also 19 at the moment and ended up choosing a Private Nursing school with an RN-ASN program; that is close to home and provides me with great flexibility to take full care of my four younger siblings (5, 7, 12, 16) and a seasonal part-time job. I admit it is extremely frustrating giving up this great opportunity due to family obligations, but to me it was worth it. My siblings were young and growing up fast and my parents strongly depended on me around the household, so it was my “nursing intuition” to stay and help out anyway I can.

    I suggest you talk to your mom and clearly evaluate the differences in time, energy, quality of education, and expenses before making best choice for yourself! Good luck
  8. by   16mm
    What would I do? I would take the free schooling in a heartbeat. You will be done before you know it!
  9. by   flysbyemerald08
    I went to job corps many years ago and it was a very good experience. We got a weekly stipend (not much ~20 dollars) however the program issued students a check that ranged from ~$500 to ~$800 upon successful completion of our trade or program as well. I forget the specifics on how that worked but upon my completion from the CNA program I was also allowed to remain on campus and attend college classes as well. In addition I had been hired part-time from the long term care facility my group did our clinicals at. The program provided a monthly bus pass so I did not need to worry too much about transportation to my classes or my job.

    Not sure how job corps operates things these days but for benefits such as I had received it is a no brainer. If you live close to home perhaps you might be able to work something out where you can go home for the weekends and return to campus on Sunday evenings or even Monday mornings.

    Best of luck to you!