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Hey everyone, First exams for A&P should be rolling around for everyone pretty soon (I have my lab practical on Monday and my lecture exam on Wednesday). Now, I thought it would be kinda cool if... Read More

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    Had my first A&P test last week and had studied a ton for it. Like several hours every day on average. It was really hyped up by the professor as being very hard and apparently rightly so, because the class average ended up being something like a 52. I was so happy to discover I made 100. It really makes me feel a lot more confident about the class and takes a load off, although apparently he curved the grades somewhat I heard from someone else. This one was over cells and biochemistry, but the next one is the integumentary and skeletal systems, so I hope I can do good again. First lab practical is next week. Good luck to everyone else with their tests! Study hard!!
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    77 in the lecture exam 90 in the lab practical...not what I was hoping for but ok. Next set of exams are on Monday
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    I received a 91 on the first lecture exam and an 87.5 on the first lab practical. I wanted an A on the practical as well, but I'm satisfied! On to the next!

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