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Finished my last pre-req!

  1. 2 I'm applying to the nursing program this month! Wish me luck!!!!
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    Good luck!
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    Good luck!!! I apply in June!
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    Good Luck!
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    Isn't it a GREAT feeling to have them done? Best of luck to you. Hope you get good news
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    Good luck! I apply next week
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    good luck sweety!!!! And grats!!!
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    Good Luck I go to take the PAX exam on May 13th and then I will be completely applied and in the running for a spot!!!
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    I cant wait to be finished. Good luck!
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    Good Luck! I am applying for nursing school next month too!
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    Congratulations!! My final for this last pre-req is in 3 weeks. This Fall, I'll apply to 2 state RN programs and 4 JC programs. I'm bound to be accepted into one of them. =) I'm also taking a CNA course this summer for more experience and to boost points on the entrance criteria.
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    Thanks everyone! I also just finished my CNA training last weekend. It was a weekend program that ran the entire length of this last semester. I'm so stoked to be done...for now! YAY!