Feeling lost in A&P 1?

  1. I've been taking notes and studying at least two hours every day. However, once I got to the tissues chapter, I feel very lost. As I'm taking notes I don't understand the functions and differentiation between the adipose connective tissue, the adipocytes, the areolar connective tissue, etc. It's a lot to know!! I formed a study group with some people from my class but I feel like the expect me to know eveything since I'm the only one who takes notes ahead of time and takes the time to study even if I don't understand it. I bought the Kaplan flash cards but it doesn't have much about tissues. Any advice on how to fully understand all these tissues? I'm really aiming for straight As this semester. I'm applying to nursing school in June and volunteering at a hospital as well.
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  3. by   mjo07
    I made powerpoints. I googled pictures of each tissue organized them 3 to a page with space for notes on the right of them. I labeled names, locations, and functions, and then just read through it a couple of times a day. I also color coded: Blue for name, black for location, and red for function. Hope this helps!
  4. by   sarolaRN
    I was a bio major before I started to pursue nursing, what made it easy to remember the tissues is first to know the cells that make the tissues up. Know what they look like, know their purpose, and it all just kind of lines up. Maybe make some flash cards or I know there are specific tissue workbooks, you can probably find them on amazon! If you're really really struggling, I'd speak to your professor just so they are aware that you're having trouble with the subject. I'm sure they'd be more than willing to help you!
  5. by   rolltideroll
    Look up YouTube videos!! It's really been helping me. Somebody on here recommended bullharrier's videos to me and they are great! I like to watch them in place of when I normally would watch TV (while I'm eating, before bed, etc.)
  6. by   queserasera
    "A visual atlas of histology" My professor said this book will save you from "The widow maker" that is the histology test!
  7. by   Devon Rex
    If your study group only looks up to you to teach them, then you need to get out of it. Everyone should bring something to the table and teach other. Peraps divide up the workload and each student would be in charge of mastering the subject and teach it to others. The best way of making it stick to your mind is to teach it... BUT... everyone has to be an active contributor, not just an expectator.

    ** Many YouTube videos are awesome! **
  8. by   gerry75
    Know what really helped me? Making my very own flashcards. I goggled pictures of the different tissues and printed them out in color. I then cut them out and pasted them on index cards. Be sure to get a few different pictures of the same tissue at different magnifications and such. On the back of the cards I wrote the tissue name, it's function and the most common locations. I carried those cards with me everywhere and quizzed myself all the time. I ended up doing great on the histology practicum. Good luck to you!
  9. by   meeep
    Quote from Chelsea13
    "A visual atlas of histology" My professor said this book will save you from "The widow maker" that is the histology test!
    I have that and a few others. Wheater's Functional Histology is the best. If you only get one book, get that one.