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I now realize that I cannot discuss LVN school with one of my closest family members. Here of lately, she have been talking about me getting a full-time job. I have already told her (in previous conversations) that now that I... Read More

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    Don't let others influence you negatively. I feel that some people feel threatened when they see someone close to them passionate about pursuing their dreams and they are pursung nothing. Some people just want to put other people down so they feel better.
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    *hug* I'm sorry your family member is being discouraging! I know exactly how you feel. I finished my pre-requisites for ADN programs in 2009 and was accepted to two ADN programs that year but my ex refused to move an hour away (or let me commute) to go to school! The year the same thing happened again after he promised if I got in again I could go. He knows a few other girls that want to go to school for nursing but none of them got accepted so I guess he assumed I wouldn't make it in again. So I finished up prereqs to apply to BSN programs in 2010 and got accepted to an ADN program last fall and I paid from my measly CNA salaray for myself and my kids to move! He was supposed to watch the kids my first week of school since he would not get his car out of my name which would have qualified my kids for a tanf grant and free daycare! So there I am the first day of school, broke from moving and he goes out to hang out with his buddies and leaves me at home with the kids!!! I tried to find another source of daycare funding but wasn't able to. Needles to say he's now my ex (thanks to some wise advice from ladies on here Now I'm living at my parents and waiting for an acceptance letter for next fall! I'll have to pay out of state tuition for the first year but it'll be worth it to finally be a nursing student!!!
    Okay sorry for hijacking but boy did that feel good to vent Anyways if you are in a LPN program don't let anyone talk you out of it, get it done and don't look back it's your life to live and your love to give!
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    It's your life, your dreams. If you're laid off and you have the money to support yourself while you're in school, why not do it?
    People always brush it off when I tell them my major is nursing. They always say, "Oh but you're so smart. You should really go to medical school, or maybe pharmacy. Nursing doesn't pay as well," at which point I begin to wonder why they didn't tell that to their own daughter, who is off at some random out-of-state college studying up on how to play beer pong and "Which Sorority Girl Will Have to Get her Stomach Pumped First!?"
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    If the burden of supporting you financially while you're in school will NOT be falling on this family member then go for it, follow your dream and all that other happyflowerkitty stuff.

    *IF* you're expecting this family member to support you financially while you're in school then you need to have some honest discussions with this person and realize that you may not get to do what you want to at this point in time.

    It is NEVER fair for one member of a family/household to push their financial obligations off on another without that person's agreement.
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    Hi Kids,

    No, nothing of the sort. I am fine and don't expect anyone to take care of me. If anything, I have paid off some major bills since I have been laid off. I will live off my unemployment and earnings. So, I am okay, for now.
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    Nguyency77 , you are so right! We have to live out our dreams and lives. I presume that these people making all of these comments are not paying for anything, are they?
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    I am so sorry to hear about your ex. You did not need him anyway. Good luck to you and nursing school. One day, you will look back on this and be a stronger person.
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    Thank you CinDRnyc. I think they are afraid that I am going to ask them to pay my rent. If push came to shove, I would put all of my possessions in storage and move in with a friend if neccessary.
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    Quote from Puddin2day
    Nguyency77 , you are so right! We have to live out our dreams and lives. I presume that these people making all of these comments are not paying for anything, are they?
    Nope, of course not.
    We just have to stay strong and do what makes us happy.
    This lady who works for my mom is always ragging on nursing and how much better her daughter is because she's pre-med. I don't say anything to her, but I find satisfaction in having the capacity to pay my way through nursing school because I worked hard for a scholarship, and now it's paying off. Won't be in huge debt when I graduate!
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    Do what you want! You live your life, they already lived theirs!

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