Failed Anatomy/Physiology 1 help me

  1. So I had an A in lecture but you must keep a C average in lab or you fail the whole course. I was 2 points from the C in lab which would have meant an A in the whole course but since I'm off by 2 points I have an F in the whole course. I plan to retake it over summer and am wondering if the F will go into my GPA when I transfer or will it be replaced by the new grade? Will the new school even see that I failed it the first time? I'm freaking out right now!
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  3. by   203bravo
    when you retake it the new grade will replace the F in your GPA -- and yes the failed attempt will still remain on your transcript.
  4. by   mgntanner
    Thanks! At least it won't hurt my GPA.
  5. by   CDEWannaBe
    You really need to check with an academic counselor at your school to find out how it will impact your transcript.

    Some schools will replace the grade when you retake the class. But most still show the F on your transcripts and it's factored in your GPA.

    Is there any way you could contest the grade with your teacher and the dean? Did you show up for most classes and turn in all your assignments? It seems like kind of a crazy grading policy for a 2pt. difference.
  6. by   MommaTy
    The F will be on your transcript. Some schools if you stay and only stay at your school will wipe away the F from your GPA (but will still be on your transcript). The way our A&P classes work is, 50% is lab and 50% is lecture, so if you were getting an A in one and a C in another then you would still pass. Good luck.
  7. by   mgntanner
    Yeah unfortunately its not 50/50. There are 1100 points total combined. 275 of those come from lab. I needed a 165 to pass. I had an A in lecture and there only a few grades in lab given out. Unfortunately one lab practical did not go so well and that set me back. I'm not sure there is a point in talking to my professor about it. He pretty strict and made it clear he won't bump grades. I'm not sure if the cost of retaking it or the affect of my GPA is a bigger problem. I'm going to talk to my potential transfer schools and see what the deal is. Worst case scenario it will bring me to a 3.7 and I'm out another 700$. I get there are rules in college but it would make more sense to average the lecture and lab grades out. Thanks to everyone who responded!
  8. by   MommaTy
    My advice for lab is take pictures of the models. Then print out the pictures and label the pictures with numbers, then keep quizing yourself. That's how I got 98-100s on all my lab tests. Good luck.
  9. by   suzilks1
    I agree on taking pictures in lab. I bought a galaxy note 2 specifically so i could take a pix and then label the backside right there in lab. Also going on youtube helped. For example if you are doing the urinary system, go to youtube and pull up urinary system lab practical models. They were extremely helpful to me. Just make sure you view the ones that are reputable and accurate. (usually the top viewed/liked ones) Best of luck. You can do it!