Exhausted and Frustrated

  1. Hi all,
    I joined this site about three months ago. I am a 24 year old pre- nursing student waiting to find out if I have been accepted to the local RN program in my city. I applied once and was not selected so if feels like I am holding everything on this second application.

    I am in statistics and AP 2 right now and I am just exhausted. Finals are around the corner and with working full time, I just feel like I will never get where I want to be.

    I know in my heart I am destined to be a nurse. I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life. Our school doesn't send out letters until after the fall semester grades are in, but I honestly don't know what to think if I get rejected again. I will keep going until I get in but sometimes that thought is just frightening!

    I'm an average student (grade wise, A's, B's and one C). It is defeinitely harder working full time (for financial reasons) but I will go through whatever is handed to me if it means I end up with my RN.

    Anyone else have or had these anxieties before? Any advice, prayers and encouragement is gladly accepted. Thanks everyone and God bless


    (p.s- sorry if any typos....2 am studying going on )
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  3. by   hudabelle
    I am 100% with you right now! I am in physiology this quarter (for the 2nd time because I took it >7 years ago). Finals are coming then 4 days later I have a 4 hour state certification test for work (I also work full-time and pay for my classes out of pocket) then 3 days after that I take the TEAS! That plus getting my personal statements ready for university applications that open on Dec 15th. And to top it off my mother-in-law decided she needs to visit while I am going through all this, so do I get to relax at home??? hehehe no
    Every other day I think "I just wish it was overwith. I am so DONE". Anxiety about getting accepted to a school is off the charts. Luckily I have the most awesome professor who is always willing to talk me down and work with me (I wish he would teach all my classes).
    You can do it. WE can do it. We can't experience a high without knowing first what a low feels like, right? After nursing school we can have anxiety about getting a job
  4. by   FormerLawyer
    I found that when I am busy, I get a lot more done because it forces me to prioritize. You will be okay if you get rejected again. I have two friends who failed the bar twice, and they have both lived (possibly the alcohol consumption from the depression has preserved them nicely---kidding!) One thing I would suggest though, if you do get rejected a second time, call the school and speak to the committee or however the decisions are made, and ask them why you were not selected. Ask them what you can do to stand a better chance the third time. Don't give up. You will find that this experience will help you later, you will appreciate the program more and it will motivate you to do even better once you do get in. Also, talking to them about why you were not selected, and what you can do in the future will help you to be more in control of the situation and that will lessen your anxiety about the situation!
  5. by   Stephalump
    Quote from FormerLawyer
    I found that when I am busy, I get a lot more done because it forces me to prioritize. You will be okay if you get rejected again.!
    I'm exactly the same way! The busier I am, the better off I am. I don't need unlimited time to procrastinate or things will get scary.
  6. by   squeakercarp

    you have no idea how normal you actually are! Getting into nursing school is hard and very mentally trying. It took me 3 tries to get into the nursing school I am enrolled in (nau only takes 30 students out of 600 a semester). The first time I applied, I was very unprepared. I scored low on my entrance exam and I had more B's than needed. Each time I applied I had a stronger and stronger application. I replaced grades and knew the entrance exam material cover to cover by the time of my third try. That 1.5 years waiting to get in were probably the hardest of my life. My family became really worried about me because I had cut out social time completely and I cried every day from the pressure. I even had to go on an antidepressant/ antianxiety. All I can say is try your hardest to make your application strong, prove to them you are smart enough. And if you start showing symptoms of depression, please get help soon. I was very miserable for a long time because I didn't realize it in time. I actually have several nursing student classmates who had to go on medication because the pressure was so much. Moral of the story: It was hard but I kept on trying because I knew I was meant to be a nurse and didn't want to give up my dream. After my third try I finally got my acceptance letter! I was so happy I cried!