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Dont judge me because I check allnurses atleast 3 times a day to see whats new! lol! I just had to get that out.:redpinkhe... Read More

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    I think this thread needs a bump! I told you all I can't stay off here! VERY ADDICTING!!! But informative!!
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    Are you kidding? I love Addiction for sure..check!
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    This site is in my normal hourly web-check. Email, facebook, allnurses!
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    Addictive for sure......and love the people on here They are
    super helpful!!!!!
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    I just joined this forum and I'm already addicted, lol!!!
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    How am I going to judge you? I don't log out for hours/days at a time. LOL
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    Haha! I thought I had a problem before. Now I discovered the app. I can't stay off!!! Lol.
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    Well, good to know I'm not alone either! It is so informative here, every question you have thought to ask has already been answered.

    I love it! :bowingpur
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    I'm new too! I'm in Oregon and just finished up with the applications here for nursing programs. This is cooler than Facebook!